Justin Timberlake invests in effort to bring MLB team to Nashville

Superstar Tennessee native Justin Timberlake is attempting to bring Major League Baseball to Nashville.

The Tensienne newspaper reported Wednesday morning that Music City Baseball, which is leading the push to bring the Nashville Stars into the city, has persuaded Timberlake to join its effort, investment and support.

“I am thrilled to join the movement to bring Major League Baseball to the great state of Tennessee,” Timberlake told the outlet.

Farmer Red Sox Executive Joint Group contacted Bristol for Nashilal.

The project may take some time. MCB officials note that the major leagues have not added an expansion team in more than two decades.

Former Marlins and Red Sox executive Dave Dombrovski, who helped bring each of those teams a World Series title, was also signed. But the inclusion of Timberlake in the mix is ​​a big thing for the movement, he told Tensian.

“[Timberlake] There is someone who is world-renowned, huge in region and region and state, ”he told the outlet. “He supports baseball and everything else we stand for.”

The names of the stars pay respects to former Negro League teams in the city, and group leaders have said they expect diversity to be an important focus, reportedly in attracting Timberlake’s support helps.

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Stars could become MLB’s first majority black-owned franchise, USA Today reported in July.

Three-time World Series winner Dave Stewart, one of the few black general managers in MLB history, is a board member. So is Bob Kendrick, president of the Niabro Leagues Baseball Museum.

Music City Baseball lists former Cardinals, White Sox and athletics manager Tony Larussa as mentors. Cy Young winners Barry Jeeto and RA Dickay have also signed on. Another high-profile music industry consultant is country and pop singer Ken Brown.

This is not the first forest in baseball for Timberlake, who in 2012 directed Clint Eastwood’s film “Trouble with the Curve,” directed by Robert Lorenz. Nor is this his first push into the game: The Memphis native bought a small portion of the NBA’s Grizzlies in 2012.

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