Justin Fairfax bade farewell to his law firm after the rape complaint


VThe Lieutenant Governor of Ireland, Justin Fairfax, has been dismissed by his law firm while investigating the allegations of badual badault against him.

Morrison Foerster, based in Washington, DC, has hired an outside attorney to conduct an investigation. During the investigation, Justin Fairfax took a leave of absence from Morrison & Foerster. Justin agreed to cooperate with the firm's investigation, "Larren M. Nashelsky, president of the firm, said in a statement.

Several prominent Democrats, including former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, Virginia Senator Mark Warner and several members of Congress have asked Fairfax to resign, but financial pressure is forcing him to retire.
The decision of the law firm is a big blow for Fairfax, depriving it of its main source of income.

External employment is common for vice-governors of Virginia. In addition to holding the office of president, and a possible tie-breaker vote, in the state Senate, the lieutenant governor only has a small amount of other official duties. Work pays $ 36,321 a year.

"We take the accusations against Justin very seriously," Nashelsky added. "As a company, we believe it is important to seriously listen to any allegations of badual badault or harbadment, and treat all persons who make such accusations with respect and sensitivity."

Bill Bolling, a former Republican lieutenant governor who served in the period 2006-2014, worked in insurance on the side. And now-Gov. Ralph Northam practiced medicine during his 2014-2018 term as lieutenant governor.

On February 4, it was revealed that Fairfax, 39, a rising Democratic star, had been accused by university professor Vanessa Tyson of badual badault in a hotel during the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston. On February 8, a second woman, Meredith Watson, filed accusations of badual badault against Fairfax, alleging that he raped her while they were both college students at Duke University.

Fairfax has denied both charges, saying his encounters with women were consensual. Fairfax has repeatedly said he will not give up his state office, and has asked the FBI to investigate the allegations.

He has also linked the allegations to controversies faced by two other senior Democratic elected officials in Virginia. For 10 days, Governor Ralph Northam has faced requests for resignation following the revelations of his 1984 medical school yearbook, showing images on his page of people dressed in black faces and a KKK outfit. Attorney General Mark Herring later admitted that he dressed in a black face for a party as a student at the University of Virginia in 1980.

Fairfax, joined Morrison Foerster in September 2018, seven months after becoming vice-governor of Virginia. The graduate of Columbia Law School and a former federal prosecutor "advises clients in a variety of commercial litigation and commercial litigation matters," according to his page on the firm's website that is still active as of Monday. in the morning.

"He has extensive experience in advising and representing clients in a wide range of litigation matters, including internal investigations, securities investigations and the Law on the Registration of Foreign Agents (FARA)," he says.

The Fairfax LinkedIn page also showed it with the signature, as of Monday morning.

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