Justin Bieber and rapper share video opportunity for new song “Holi”

Justin Bieber has shared a new single with Chance the Rapper. It is called “HOLY”, and comes with a music video directed by Colin Tiley. In the video, the factory of the working class where Bieber works is shut down due to the “current and ongoing global situation”. It ends with an appearance by Wilmer Valdrama – a soldier from the war who is away from home – who invites Bieber hungry for food. Give the rapper a chance too. Check it out below.

Bieber and Chance have collaborated several times in the past. In 2018, they stayed on DJ Khalid’s track “No Brainer” with Quavo. Back in 2013, Chance appeared on Bieber’s “Confident”.

Chance recently performed a virtual concert for Ralph Lauren and a new track by Brandy called “Baby Mama”.

Earlier this month, Bieber starred in Drake and DJ Khalid’s “Popstar” scene, where he played the title role of Drake.

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