Just a week after it was painted, a Black Lives Matter mural was displaced in Indianapolis

The murals, approved by the Indianapolis City-County Council in July, are painted with the names and pictures of black Americans killed by police such as Michael Taylor, Dressesson Reid and Bryo Taylor. Other themes, such as voting and the importance of Black pride were depicted.

But on Sunday morning, the community woke up to see that each letter was vandalized with the splitting of white and gray paint.

“This is terrific,” Rebecca Robinson, who portrays artist “L” in “Black,” said in a Facebook Live video that she showed a distorted mural. “It’s just so frustrating because everyone works so hard.”
The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department told CNN affiliate WRTV that it is investigating the vandalism, but has not provided any further information. The department did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.

Indy10 Black Lives Matter, one of the groups that has helped organize the murals, has not curtailed their fight for black lives.

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The group said in a Facebook post on Sunday, “Just the way our parents, elders and ancestors persist among the burning crosses in their front lawns, we will.” “You can’t stop the revolution. We’re still here. It’s growing in all of us. Paint can’t stop.”

When asked for further comment, the group mentioned CNN in its statement on Facebook.

Murals supporting the movement for social justice have popped up across America as widespread protests erupted following the death of George Floyd.

The Indianapolis mural, located on Indiana Avenue, is just the latest Black Lives Matter art exhibit that was vandalized.

The mural outside Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan has been done at least four times since it was built in early July. Other Black Lives Matter murals were also painted in Washington, Vermont, California.