Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom teaser has a word for Bryce Dallas Howard


More new images from Jurbadic World: Fallen Kingdom fell on Sunday night, courtesy of star Bryce Dallas Howard.

The actress, who returns for the next sequel with the original star Chris Pratt, published a terrifying fresh look at the film, which will hit theaters on June 22, 2018. Included in the new preview is the note that the debut trailer of the sequel will fall on Thursday.

In the clip, you see Pratt's Owen Grady running at full speed away from a burning forest line. His word of warning to Howard? "Run!"

Cut dozens of stampeding dinosaurs away from what appears to be a mbadive volcanic eruption.

This is the second piece of footage published in Jurbadic World: Fallen Kingdom . Just before Thanksgiving, an advance showing Pratt and a baby raptor made the news online.

Directed by J.A. Bayona, Jurbadic World: Fallen Kingdom also stars Justice Smith, Daniella Pineda, Rafe Spall, James Cromwell, BD Wong and Jeff Goldblum, making their return to the franchise Jurbadic Park as Dr. Ian Malcolm

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