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Jurassic World 2 Teaser: Bryce Dallas Howard gets a serious shoe update


There is not much for the first Jurbadic World: Fallen Kingdom teaser-15 seconds of footage to be precise. That means that it only exceeds the, what, six seconds pre -the navigation writer Colin Trevorrow posted during the week of Thanksgiving for nine seconds. But those nine seconds are enough to inform us that, in addition to a herd of dinosaurs, The Get Down Justice Smith and a wise cracking Chris Pratt Jurbadic World: Fallen Kingdom ] will also give Bryce Dallas Howard sensible running shoes. If you can beat a Tyrannosaurus in high heels, imagine what kind of land speed record you can achieve in those new boots.

In 2015, Howard's ability to run for his life at the end of Jurbadic World with high heels and somehow not irreparably damaged himself inspired pieces of thought, parody videos , and, well, even a winking response from Chris Pratt himself.

How can this trailer, where its characters respond to the "run" command, not be an answer to heelgate 2015? In 2016, Howard told to Krista Smith of Vanity Fair that her shoes at Jurbadic World "were comfortable, honestly", but she also said that the way that Trevorrow told him Jurbadic World: Fallen Kingdom lit up with green light simply with a text message: "# noheels2018". To which she replied "thank you". The complete advance will arrive on Thursday. Jurbadic World: Fallen Kingdom opens on June 22, 2018.

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