Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Stars in Gorgeous New Hubble Telescope View

The Hubble Space Telescope saw this grand appearance on Jupiter and its moon Europa in August 2020.

NASA, ESA, a. Simon (NASA / GSFC), MH Wong (University of California, Berkeley) and the OPO team

Jupiter is nothing like the Earth. The gas giant is plagued by wild storms in a swinging, chilling environment. The colored cloud bands of the planet stand out in a striking fresh Hubble Space Telescope image on 25 August.

406 million miles (650 million kilometers) from view is beautifully crisp due to Habbal’s keen eye. The telescope is a joint project between NASA and the European Space Agency.

Scientists are particularly excited about a new hurricane that spreads rapidly in mid-August. It appears as a bright white area on the top left of the planet. NASA said “the timing of the Hubble observations is perfect for showing the structure in the wake of disturbances, during the early stages of its development.”

If you look closely, you can also see Jupiter’s attractive moon Europa in the dark on the left. NASA is developing A mission to travel the icy world, Which can be one Major places to check out foreign life.

Hubble’s Jupiter figure highlights the most famous feature of the planet. “The iconic Great Red Spot, a major storm to swallow the Earth, shows that it is slightly shrinking in the Hubble images, but it still dominates the entire southern atmosphere,” NASA said in a release. on Thursday.

Research suggests that the Great Red Spot is getting smaller, and the reason for the size change is unknown. Scientist still Hope it hangs for years, And hopefully for more Hubble portraits like this. Space telescope Saw its share of technical glitches, But never surrendered.

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