Julian Assange’s dad recites ‘abuse trial’ to a son on extradition hearing

LONDON – A court hearing ending WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was being sent to the United States, which is finally running a one-month pandemic on Monday, after facing charges over the publication of hundreds of thousands of classified documents.

Crowds gathered outside the Old Bailey Court building in central London, where, Assange told the district judge that he did not consent to be extradited to the US in the next four weeks, the court would consider whether Assange’s Be forced to cope? Justice in the US, where an 18-count indictment accused him of recruiting hackers to steal top secret military information.

On Monday, Assange was re-arrested just minutes before appearing in court on the latest indictment, which dismissed the current charges against him. Asked if he was willing to agree to be sent to the US, Assange gave a simple answer: “No.”


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