Julian and Joaquin Castro call Ted Cruz to resign

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US Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, faced calls for his resignation on Wednesday as Texas Democrats revealed their key role in efforts to block presidential-election certification that Biden’s electoral victory capitalized Donald Trump’s riotous supporters Dissolved and interrupted certification. process.

Texas Democrat US Rep. Joaquin Castro and his brother Julian Castro, A. Former presidential candidate also called Cruz the former presidential candidate to step down On twitter.

“He has conducted himself shamelessly, and I think he has done it because he believes it is the only way, the only chance he has to win the Republican nomination for the presidency,” Joaquin Castro, Texas Told the Capitol in a virtual interview with the Tribune on Wednesday.

Congress convened Wednesday to formally certify the November election results, which have been called safe and secure by state governments and the US Department of Homeland Security. For months Trump has falsely asserted that he has won the election – and turned to Cruz to make his case.

Cruz agreed last year to argue a Texas lawsuit long before the Supreme Court alleging voter fraud. But the justice dismissed the case.

On Wednesday, Cruise led a controversy by GOP lawmakers to validate Arizona’s electoral votes. Trump encouraged his supporters to attend rallies in Washington on Wednesday and gave a speech again claiming that he was reelected and entered the Capitol before his supporters later breached security , Where police shot a woman according to the Washington Post.

Cruz quickly denied the rioters’ actions.

Cruz wrote, “Those attacking Capitol now need to stop,” adding that violence is “always wrong” and that “people engaged in violence are hurting because they say they support Huh.”

But in Cruz’s hometown of Houston, the leaders were not happy with him. Mayor Sylvester Turner Wrote on twitter That, “Texas should hold Sen. Ted Cruz responsible for this fiasco.”

Houston’s Chief of Police Art Acevedo echoed that sentiment.

“Shame on you @ Ted Cruz, @GOPLeader, And all fed a false story about our election, due to which we are watching in the capitol of our nation’s capital. Wrote on twitter. “You provoke the flames of mistrust and history will hold you responsible for the ensuing chaos. Offensive! “

The senator’s office declined to answer questions about Cruz’s call for resignation.

As the epidemic continued through the afternoon in Washington, Cruz’s campaign sent money-related text and email messages to his supporters.

“Until the emergency audit of the election results is done, I am leading the fight to dismiss the voters of major states,” the message reads. “Will you stand with me?”

A colleague of Cruz said the messages Was sent “From a firm” and not to be approved by Cruz.

“They have never approved of going out in any way shape or form,” a colleague said in a statement. “He is frustrated with what is happening in the Capitol and is attacking the Capitol to stop the violence.”

Left-leaning group Progress Texas also urged Cruz to drop its challenge of the electoral college vote on Wednesday.

Executive Director Ed Espinoza said in a statement, “The act of political theater has brought domestic terrorism into the capitals of our country, so it needs to leave the challenge immediately.”

Juan Pablo Gernheim and Kate McGee contributed reporting.

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