Julia Stiles hits the trolls who play Mom


Julia Stiles has a few words for moms to scrutinize each of her movements.

The actress, who in November welcomed her first child with her husband to Preston J. Cook, posted a photo of her baby Strummer Newcomb Cook on a Tula baby carrier.

It turned out that the baby was not placed correctly and the mothers let the actress know in the most unpleasant way.

"No offense to negative comments … but I'm pretty sure the feet inside and the little strummer's face was not visible were deliberate," said one person in defense of Stile. "Miss Julia is being kind enough to give us a little spike to her beautiful baby and she honestly does not even have to do that." She covered everything she could so that the image would promote the carrier baby … not to show her your son … Go people, give the woman a little credit. "

" It struck me that in the previous photo I do not hold my baby correctly, "Stiles, 36, began his response in a separate publication on Saturday. "Wow, I did not expect that, what was supposed to be a scream for the products I like, suddenly becomes an invitation to comment on my baby and my ability as a mother, that's the Internet for you …"

She says mothers always read safety instructions, but warned that trolls need better things to do with their time.

"But also, installers of Instagram: instead of writing sarcastic comments about a 5-week-old boy, try dancing around your living room with a crash disk, it's much more fun," he said sharply.

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