Juicy J is swept up in telling fans not to get COVID-19 vaccinated

Although Juicy J recognizes the importance of wearing a mask, she thought it would be a good idea to tweet about not getting vaccinated.

Source: Scott Dudelson / Getty

The rapper took to Twitter on Friday to advise his fans not to get vaccinated against COVID-19. In his statement, the. Three 6 Mafia members told their followers that instead of getting the vaccine, they should continue to wear masks and take supplements.

“If I were you, I would not be vaccinated,” he wrote in the tweet, which has now been deleted. “I would wear a mask and take vitamins.”

Juicy J received a lot of criticism for this, mainly for one obvious point: you don’t have to choose between vitamins, masks or vaccines, you can do all three. Also, celebrities shouldn’t walk around thinking they know better. about public health and safety than real health / professionals and scientists, especially if they are going to throw that information at their sometimes young and impressionable fans.

According to leading US health experts, coronavirus vaccines are essential to combat the ongoing pandemic, which has claimed more than 547,000 lives since it began in 2019. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Diseases, it takes about two weeks after vaccination for the body to develop immunity to the virus, and experts estimate that between 70 and 90 percent of the population must be immune to reach the threshold for herd immunity.

Juicy J hasn’t commented on the matter since he deleted his tweet about vaccines, so let’s hope some of his followers’ tweets have really educated him. the topic. In the meantime, take a look at some of the criticism the rapper released after his nasty warning.


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