Judges Rule Chad Wolf illegally served as Homeland Security Secretary and temporarily blocked some asylum restrictions

“In short, the court concludes that the plaintiff’s likely to demonstrate (former Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin) McAleenan’s appointment was invalid under the agency’s applicable order of succession, and he therefore sought to ensure Wolf’s establishment Lacked the authority to amend the succession order. The Acting Secretary, “Judge Paula Sinis’, delivered a 69-page judgment.

Shinis also wrote that “by extension, as Wolf filled the role of Acting Secretary without authorization, he did not describe the challenged rules as’ in addition to authority … ‘and’ in accordance with the law.”

CNN has reached out to the department for comment.

CNN has previously reported that the Government Accountability Office found that Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli, who were performing the duties of senior officer, deputy secretary, were appointed as part of an invalid order of succession.

Last month, 20 state attorneys general and a coalition of 10 cities and counties challenged the Trump administration’s new rules to restrict access to the employment authority for asylum seekers, according to a statement from New York Attorney General Leticia James’s office Argued.

“The first rule requires asylum seekers to wait a year before applying for employment authorization, and many will be barred from receiving notification repeatedly. The second rule would eliminate the long-term requirement that an employment authorization application. Will be processed within 30 days, thus allowing such applications. Sit untouched indefinitely, “said James’s office.

The new rules came into force in court documents in late August.

Sinis found that DHS “completely abolished this important effect of the new rules” and “never fought with the fundamental implication of denying or denying advance work authorization.”

Sinis wrote, “Including essentially limiting the ability to bear the costs of legally hiring, including hiring legal counsel will affect their ability to bear the costs of asylum.”

The Order of Sinis ordered Casa de Maryland, Inc. (CASA) and two members of the Asylum’s Advocacy Advocacy Project (ASAP) granted relief only in the trial, two of which the litigant found the judge “demonstrating an accomplice standing at this level”. Relief “both appropriate and necessary to avoid irreparable damage.”

By order of the judge, the organizations have about 100,000 and 4,000 members.

James welcomed the ruling in a statement on Monday, telling Wolf as a man “having no authority and no business sitting on the chair of the acting secretary of Homeland Security.”

He said that not only is this decision welcome news for refugees who were unfairly targeted by the Trump administration, but courts have now found that Chad Wolf has no authority in the Department of Homeland Security, he said.

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