Judge Secret Giseline Maxwell agrees to postpone release of files

A federal judge in Manhattan on Wednesday evening agreed to postpone unsolicited deposits related to the sex life of Ghislin Maxwell until the alleged madam could file an appeal.

The order by Judge Loretta Presca, for two business days, would prohibit the release of documents that were given in a statement relating to Maxwell, which Jeffrey Epstein filed against him in 2015 by Virginia Giuffrey Was given as a defamation suit.

Presca gave the order without documentation at a court hearing last week, but gave Maxwell’s legal team a week to file an appeal in Second Circuit Court.

If, by Presca’s order, the circuit court does not order them to be sealed, the documents will be made public on Monday.

In her memorandum on Wednesday evening, Presca also denied Maxwell’s request that she reconsider her decision to ignore the documents.

In a filing on Wednesday, Maxwell’s attorneys argued inappropriately giving confidential material for prosecution to Giffrey’s legal team, who were making a criminal case against the alleged Epstein fixer.

Ghislin Maxwell
Ghislin MaxwellSylvain Gaboury / Patrick McMullen via Getty Images

“Ms. Prisca wrote in the order stressing Maxwell’s request for reconsideration, stating that new developments, i.e., his indictment and arrest, provide compelling reasons for the statements to be kept sealed.”

“But, despite Ms. Maxwell’s contention that she could not address the impact of those incidents in her objections, as they occurred after the briefing came to a close, it is pledged,” he said.

Maxwell is awaiting trial on sex trafficking and perjury charges for the purchase of girls for Epstein in the 1990s.


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