Judge rules LA County should show reason for banning outside food

A California judge on Wednesday overturned the course and ordered health officials in Los Angeles to show scientific evidence to justify the recently implemented three-week ban on dine-in service.

It was decided a week later to stop the California Restaurant Association’s request that the public be threatened by eating outside at the restaurant until evidence was provided.

To fight the La Dine in excess of Bal ISN’T, fasts restaurants

“We were successful today in Los Angeles Superior Court, where the judge agreed that LA County would have to show the reason for its order banning outdoor dining,” the California Restaurant Association tweeted on Wednesday.

The CRA has fought fiercely against the measure since it was implemented on 25 November, only to limit carry-out, drive-through and delivery services.

The group accused Los Angeles County of relying on “questionable national studies” rather than local data to determine establishments – which are already suffering from the epidemic – should be shut down again, YouTube According to a video posted on.

While moving away from Los Angeles, the compartment was closed in some places

However, during a health officer’s meeting a board of supervisors said restaurant-specific data was scarce and that a CDC study targeting 11 different outpatient health care facilities in 10 states was “the best information we have.” The study found that those patients with COVID-19 were twice as likely to dine in a restaurant.

Nevertheless, CRA President and Chief Executive Officer Jot Condi said, “The order was arbitrary and misrepresented the target restaurant without supporting evidence.”

Last week, the association filed a request in Los Angeles Superior Court, demanding that the County of Los Angeles Health Department “provide support for medical and / or scientific studies and evidence that the operation of outdoor dining establishments is open to the public.” Is an undue risk “.

The Superior Court judge rejected the CRA’s request to block the three-week ban, stating that it would reconsider the hearing on the case if it provided new evidence, according to the Los Angeles Times.


However, Wednesday’s ruling does not mean outside food can be resumed due to the fact that the county is placed under the command of a safe house.

“Our expectation is that if the county is unable to produce evidence justifying the decision, then outdoor dining should be allowed to resume,” Condie said.

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