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The meanness of HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" reached new heights in the penultimate episode of Season 9 as Larry David came face to face with Judge Judy in a neighbor dispute.

As Yahoo TV points out, the episode found Larry increasingly frustrated with his neighbor, who used to own the house in which he lives. Before selling it to Larry five years ago, he left a ficus plant. Those who have seen the show will know that David really does not have much time to do things like take good care of a plant, something that his neighbor takes into account.

Hoping to revive the plant that he cares about too much, she uses her old key to break into place and steal it. Larry sued and brought the case to Judge Judy only to discover that he is being refuted for "plant abuse."

  Larry David (locks up his HBO enthusiasm)

Although irruption is practically agreed by all to be a crime worse than "plant abuse", it is David's incessant interruptions in court that finally pushes Judge Judy to the limit . David's "witness", Leon Black (played by J.B. Smoove) argues that letting a plant turn brown is no different from the skin of a black man who tans slightly in the summer, but sputters a little too much. Meanwhile, David asks the court if anyone would like a cough drop and insists on giving one to the judge despite his refusal.

Ultimately, David's questions about the water in his unfiltered support incite Judy Judy to tire and repress against him.

"I can only tell you, sir, that anyone who neglects a plant in that way does not deserve to have it." His case was dismissed. "

HBO will broadcast the end of Season 9 of" Curb Your Enthusiasm "on Sunday.

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