Judge dismisses Trump campaign lawsuit over Pennsylvania drop box

A federal judge on Saturday attempted to block ballot drop boxes and other voting policies in Pennsylvania by the Trump campaign and the Republican Party.

Why it matters: The ruling is a setback for the Trump campaign in the battlefield less than a month before the election.

what is he saying: In his 138-page judgment, US District Court Judge J. Nicholas Ranjan said the “problem” with the argument of a potential voter fraud campaign was that it was “speculative” and that any potential harm was not “concrete”, so the Trump campaign had no legal stand in federal court.

  • “While plaintiffs may not be required to prove actual voter fraud, they must at least prove that such fraud ‘is certainly imminent.” They have not fulfilled that burden. Mostly, they have pieced together a sequence of uncertain beliefs, ”Ranjan, who was appointed by Trump, wrote.
  • Ranjan also denied rejecting a Pennsylvania policy that the signature on mail-in ballots is not required to strictly match the voter’s signature on file with the state, as well as requiring that the election worker counties Stay in where they are voting. .

Bottom-line: “The Court finds that the election rules enforced by the General Assembly and not enforced by the defendants have any right to the votes. They are rational. They advance important state interests. They provide for the Commonwealth’s detailed election-protection Align with measures. ” Ranjan wrote, “Do not follow the Constitution of the United States. They would not otherwise be second-guessed by this Court.”

  • The state’s Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, celebrated the ruling, tweeting, “Voting is a right, and I promised that I would defend that right. So we went to court – and we won. However you choose to vote, your vote will be counted.”

What will happen next: Trump campaign general counsel Matthew Morgan said the campaign would appeal the decision in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

  • “Trump is winning the fight for a free, fair election in Pennsylvania,” Morgan told the Times in an email statement .. “We have continued to fight against the completely unconstitutional, unsafe drop box of Democrats in federal courts.” Clearly, we disagree with the Western District’s decision on the unsafe drop box, and President Trump’s team will immediately file an appeal. “
  • Of comment: Republicans already have several challenges before the Supreme Court about the state’s voting policies, according to CNN.

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