Judge attacks Pennsylvania virus policies

Stickman wrote, “Attempts to slow the spread of coronovirus were made with the good intentions of addressing a public health emergency.” “But even in an emergency, the government’s authority is not unaffected.”

Courts had consistently rejected challenges to Wolf’s power to order businesses to close during the epidemic, and several other governors, Republicans and Democrats also took similar measures to spread the virus.

Wolf has since lifted several restrictions, allowing businesses to reopen and cancel a statewide stay order.

But in the summer, his administration imposed a new round of statewide epidemic restrictions on bars, restaurants and large indoor ceremonies in response to rising infection rates in some virus hot spots. The state has also imposed a gathering limit for more than 25 people inside the house.

A Wolf spokesman said the administration was reviewing the decision.

Pennsylvania has reported that more than 145,000 people statewide have contracted the virus since the onset of the epidemic. More than 7,800 people have died.

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