Juan Carlos Osorio says that his side of Mexico “played with the love of winning” during the victory of Germany

Mexico boss Juan Carlos Osorio praised his team's performance after they caused a major upset by defeating the defending champion, Germany, 1-0 on Sunday.

The draw was decided by an emphatic blow from PSV Eindhoven Hirving Lozano, who finished a quick counterattack with a great finish in the middle of the first half.

Mexico had a clear game plan and they remained true to it, leaving Germany with a series of questions that they could not answer. Osorio used the post-match press conference to emphasize the fact that the performance was not a stroke of luck, as Eurosport reported.

"We started designing a plan six months ago, we had to change some parts due to injuries, but basically using players that are very fast on the sides.

" We decided (to the scorer) Hirving Lozano, since it is our fastest player. We broke out in quick attacks, and we had a lot of real chances to open the scoring before we actually did it. "

Ozorio also made sure to do everything possible to divert pressure from his players so they could focus their attention solely on the match.

"The phrase was to play with the love of winning and not the fear of losing."


"I tried to make sure that the pressure was on me all, so all they have to do is go out and do what they did today.

" I would like to thank all the people who supported me, and also those who do not, and I hope we can achieve more wins like today "

However, the group is far from over, and Osorio has badured that El Tri will now focus its attentions on its second match against South Korea


"I am very satisfied, this is very important for the future of Mexican football … we will celebrate responsibly, recover well and plan for the next game. "


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