JT Realmuto quits the game due to hip malfunction

If from an initial exit Spencer howard Not worrying enough for the Phillies, they are now sweating a potentially more costly injury. Catcher Jetty realmuto “Hip discomfort” felt in race, based on 12-6 win over Marlins on Saturday, manager, manager Joe Girdhari told Meghan Montemuro of Athletic And other journalists.

Realmuto was still able to carve out his position in the bottom half of the inning but was replaced by a pinch-hitter in the top of the ninth. Realmuto will be re-examined tomorrow, and given the circumstances, it may be that the Phils were just being cautious to remove a star player in the final innings of a one-sided game.

Needless to say, of course, losing Realmuto for any length of time would be a huge blow to the Philadelphia team, who are at least (at least) trying to lock up a playoff berth and are still in the NL. Hope to capture the Braves for the first place. East. Realmuto has been his usual outstanding self, entering tonight’s 11 play and .274 / .361 / .541 slash line with his first 166 plate appearances. Realmuto .903 OPS represents a career best, clearly stating that “Career Best” has an asterisk in this short season.

Andrew Kannap Phillies’ backup catcher, and none of the three backstops at their alternate training spots (Henry lartcation, Rafael Marchon, Logan O’Hope) Has no MLB experience. In the worst of a Realmuto IL trip, it seems the Phillies would be very likely to sign an experienced catcher to act as Knapp’s backup.