JPMorgan Chase workers sent home after testing employees for coronovirus

JPMorgan Chase has sent many securities traders home to New York City after some employees tested positive for coronovirus, a blow to the banking giant as it begins to reintroduce workers back to physical offices.

JPMorgan has “managed different cases of employees who test positive” at the firm during the past few months and follow appropriate protocols when they occur, “bank spokesman Brian Marchiani said on Tuesday. He declined to say how many had tested positive.

According to Bloomberg, at least one case was reported about an employee working on the fifth floor of the company’s New York City office, which first reported positive tests. According to the report, less than a week after the employees returned to the bank’s headquarters, the employees were reported to be transitioning on 13 September.

New York-based JP Morgan is urging its merchants and senior management to return to their physical offices, setting a required date of September 21.

President Donald Trump last week Tweeted Congratulations to the bank for its push, saying it was ordering “everyone back to office”. However, JPMorgan did not have plans to reopen its entire office or bring all workers back to one physical location.

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Marchionne declined to say whether JPMorgan would continue its push to reopen offices, or as a percentage of its 257,000 workforce workforce now physically working in branches and offices.

The bank did not immediately respond to CBS MoneyWatch’s request for comment.

As urged as some other banks or financial companies J. P. Mourgan To return his workers to office. For example, American Express, which has a substantial presence in New York City such as JP Morgan, announced that all its employees could continue to work remotely until July 2021.