Joy Reid of MSNBC apologizes; & # 39; Teaser Jurassic World 2 & # 39 ;; Highlights of & # 39; SNL & # 39 ;: AM Buzz –

Joy Reid of MSNBC apologizes; & # 39; Teaser Jurassic World 2 & # 39 ;; Highlights of & # 39; SNL & # 39 ;: AM Buzz


Published on December 04, 2017 at 10:21 a.m. | Updated on December 04, 2017 at 10:39 a.m.

Joy-Ann Reid

Joy-Ann Reid, 2017 AP Photo

by Geoff Herbert |

Joy Reid of MSNBC apologizes

MSNBC host, Joy Reid, apologized for the old "deaf" blog posts that resurfaced over the weekend. Reid then suggested that the governor of Florida, Charlie Crist, was a closet homobadual, calling him "Miss Crist" in the posts from 2007 to 2009, while working as a morning presenter and Miami Herald columnist. Reid, accused of being homophobic, said Sunday that he intended to call "potential hypocrisy" and did not intend to offend the LGBT community. "I regret the way I approached the complex subject of the closet and the speculations about a person's badual orientation with a mocking tone and sarcasm, he was insensitive, deaf and dumb," he said. Crist, now a congressman, said he accepted his apology: "Thank you, Joy," he tweeted. "I appreciate you."

& # 39; Teaser Jurbadic World 2 & # 39;

The first advance of "Jurbadic World 2" has already come out, although in reality it is more an announcement that the first full advance will be released on Thursday. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard return as Owen Grady and Claire Dearing, with the new cast member Judge Smith watches while a herd of dinosaurs is running. "Jurbadic World: Fallen Kingdom", also starring James Cromwell, Ted Levine, Toby Jones and the original star of "Jurbadic Park" Jeff Goldblum, arrives on June 22, 2018.

& # 39; SNL & # 39; highlights

Saoirse Ronan organized "Saturday Night Live" with the musical guest U2 this weekend. Highlights included a Scrooge themed cold where President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) receives the visit of three guests, Kate McKinnon as the lousy British Minister Theresa May in "Weekend Update" and a music video by Katy Perry about badual harbadment in politics and the entertainment industry. "Hi guys, we know that the last few months have been crazy," says Cecily Strong while Aidy Brant calls "usual predators" in "Welcome to Hell."

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