Josh McDanels as the Eagles’ next head coach? Multiple signs appear to indicate

While nothing is official yet, there are several indications of New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDanels becoming the Philadelphia Eagles’ next head coach.

Let’s run through them all:

  • The Eagles personally interviewed McDaniel on Sunday. John Clarke Report Meeting “Lasted”9:00 am to 9 pm. “A long interview is not necessarily a guarantee of hire, it is clear. But it is clear that it was not just some courtesy meeting. McDaniels is a serious contender. UPDATE: John Clarke says he was called McDanells “very well done“In his interview.
  • McDaniels has ties to Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman. Lurie is a native of Boston and has always been fond of the Patriots. Lurie also eagerly referred to the McDaniels on a first name basis during their post-dug Pedersen firing press conference. Context:

“We had no idea that we were going to lose Frank Reich but suddenly it happened when Josh turned down that task and set it perfectly – so you had to be aware.”

Rosemann was a college roommate with Jade Fisch, who worked with the McDanels in 2020 as the quarterback coach for New England.

10. Josh MCDANIELS. When I heard that the New England offensive coordinator would do an interview with the Eagles Brass on Sunday, I loved it for three reasons. One: Eagles’ interviews are infamous all-day suckers; I heard that Robert Saleh and Joe Brady each spent more than seven hours in the interview chair. So people interviewing Philly are interested in the franchise – not the check-in-box kind. Two: I like organizations that don’t see what everyone is doing. There are apparently remnants of the McDaniels who were out of Indy’s job two years ago, and it is understandable. But two years ago, the Colts might have been doing the best job from there, and Andrew Luck hadn’t moved on yet, and he had a smart and progressive GM in Chris Ballard, and the Colts picked McDanell over Mike Wrabel . The McDanels have not taken dumb pills since then. Good for Jeff Laurie and Howie Rosman to decide to work on 44-year-old MacDiels’ body rather than pass on a bad 2020 alone. In 12 of his 13 seasons as offensive coordinator for New England, the Patriots have had a top-10 scoring team. And three: the Eagles clearly want to save Carson Wentz. McDanells knows how to coach a quarterback and make him a tough coach. We’ll see what happens. Who knows who the Eagles will rent, now with Staley from the market. But credit to the Eagles for investigating McDaniels.

  • The sports agency, which represents Kansas City’s head offensive coordinator Eric Bynemy, whom the Eagles reportedly want to interview, seems to be getting McDieles to work in Philly:
  • There is discussion from McDaniels about local Eagles from the Eagles:
  • Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk indicated that an Eagles’ fare could be as soon as this week. The Eagles cannot appoint a coach who is currently in the playoffs. The McDanels are not in the playoffs.

“According to a source with knowledge of the dynamics of the search, there is no specific timetable for making a fare – but it may end sooner than later, and possibly this week.”

  • The Eagles are in danger of being over-corrected. Key example: In 2019, the team did not have enough pace, so being “fit” forced a first-round pick on Jalan Rigor (rather than the best available player pick in Justin Jefferson). From a coaching perspective, the Eagles used “emotional intelligence” to replace Chip Kelly with Doug Pederson. Perhaps now they are looking at Pedersen too much (especially in the case of Carson Wentz) and wish there was someone who would coach harder.

So, Eagles fans, it may just be time for McDanells to brace himself which is Pederson’s replacement. If this happens, it should not become a popular fare:

Elsewhere, in Eagles coaching discussion…

  • The eagles are Allegedly Interview of defensive bowler Todd Bowles of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday. but wait. If Buckeye is still in the playoffs, how are they meeting him? Obviously, if ownership is allowed, candidates can bypass NFL rules and still interview.
  • The Los Angeles Chargers, who previously hired Brandon Staley after previously being associated with Brian Daboll, considered the Buffalo Bills of Coordinate Coordinator a strong contender for the job. But it seems that Dabol may live in buffalo:

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