Josh Hawley’s Electoral Vote Gambit fulfills political ambitions

Josh Holley

Photographer: Greg Nash / The Hill / Bloomberg

Republican Senator and former Missouri State Attorney General Josh Hawkley has received an incredible setback for his role in challenging President Donald Trump’s defeat of Joe Biden, as violent riots erupted in the Capitol.

Hawley, along with Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, eventually led the effort to extend Biden’s electoral victory in key states, and the two attempted to raise campaign funds from their efforts.

An image of protesters saluting Hawley with a push before a storm hit the Capitol on Wednesday, including a fist pump, showed fellow senators, two of his state’s largest newspapers, a major donor, and a former Republican Criticized the senator, which increased his rapid political support.

It also led Simon & Schuster to cancel a contract for Howley’s upcoming book “The Tyranny of Big Tech”. The publishing company said it could not support Senator Hawley after his role in “poses a dangerous threat to our democracy and freedom.”

The attack has given rise to questions about Hawley’s political future, such as the senator, who turned 41 on New Year’s Eve, appearing to position himself for the 2024 presidential term in Trump’s populist style Huh.

Asked on Friday if Hawley and Cruz should resign, Biden said: “I think they should just be beaten flat the next time they run.”

‘Down the toilet’


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