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Josh Gordon starts the game on Monday night despite the report of patriotic banks

Josh Gordon started the New England Patriots-Buffalo Bills game on Monday night, despite a report earlier in the day in which he said he would stay out of the first quarter more or less as a punishment for "delays." Ian Rapoport, who said that the receiver was expected to miss some series while the Patriots "continue to work with [and] handle it. "

In contrast, Gordon was on the field for the first series of the game, after New England received the kickoff, and was attacked by quarterback Tom Brady in a deep pass that was incomplete, after which the team made the punishment. It remained to be seen what kind of use Gordon would receive during the rest of the game, or if the Patriots commented on the expected discipline report.

As for the suspensions for Josh Gordon, this would have been a relative flicker compared to the amount of games and full seasons he has sat in the past, under NFL bans for violations of his abuse policies. substances. However, it would also have been remarkable as the first public punishment he faced since Cleveland changed him to New England in Week 2.

Since then, reports about Gordon have been mostly positive, indicating that the talented but troubled 27-year-old was benefiting from being taken under Brady's wing. That was probably the exact scenario the Patriots had in mind when Gordon was assigned a locker right next to the five-time Super Bowl quarterback.

"He really has been working hard and trying to do things right," Brady said earlier this month. "I do not feel like I had to worry about where he was lining up or what he was running in. He was super confident, I could tell in his eyes that he knew what he was doing."

Gordon recently described his new team as "a great space and environment to work, to concentrate and stay," where "everyone bought." He added (through ESPN), "It's a breeding ground for excellence, so you can not do anything, but get involved and help be part of this, really."

The Browns did not specify their reasons for switching to Gordon for a fifth-round pick, but it was reported that he was late for a meeting and that the team reportedly had other concerns about his responsibility. He was already on thin ice with Cleveland after being eligible to play in only 10 games since his 2013 season.

With the Patriots, Gordon has only glimpsed his considerable talent in trying to fit into the team's offense. In four games in New England, he has 13 receptions for 224 yards and a touchdown. His best performance was last week against the Bears, when Gordon caught four passes for 100 yards.

Rapoport famous On Monday, the expected bank underscored reports that the Patriots are studying the possibility of acquiring a veteran wide receiver before Tuesday's trade deadline. He pointed to the Golden Tate of the Lions and Demaryius Thomas of the Broncos as players in which New England is "particularly interested".

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