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Josh Gordon starts for the Patriots despite the report that he would be disciplined for breaking the rules

After only six weeks in New England, it seemed that Josh Gordon had already found his way to Bill Belichick's doghouse. Except that, despite a report that would not start, Gordon was on the field for the first Pats trip on Monday night.

According to NFL.com, Gordon got in trouble with the team This week, due to lateness problems, the team decided to discipline him by facing him in the first part of the Patriots game in Buffalo. But nevertheless …

Gordon was expected to pass the first offensive possessions at the bank and it was reported that he could have missed the entire first quarter, depending on how many times the Patriots had the ball. However, Gordon was on the field for the first trip and Tom Brady threw him very deep, but he did not connect.

Gordon was expected to return to the game and play his usual amount of shots after the punishment was over.

As for the issue that led to his punishment, Gordon was late to appear at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, when the Patriots were preparing to go to Buffalo. According to Athletic.

On the surface, Gordon's transgression is not a big problem: he arrived late and quickly learned that the Patriots will not be as patient as the Browns during Gordon's tumultuous Cleveland career. The Browns kept Gordon even though he was suspended several times by the NFL.

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On the other hand, I could argue that Gordon's lateness is a big problem because everything with him seems to be a big problem. Gordon's inclination to be late is actually what cost him his job with the Browns. Cleveland finally decided to exchange Gordon away after he arrived late for a team meeting on September 15. If he appears constantly late in New England, Belichick would probably have no problem cutting ties with Gordon, especially if the receiver became a distraction.

Although Gordon had problems with the Patriots this week, he definitely seems to like things in New England.

"It's a great space and environment to work, focus and lock in," Gordon said recently, through ESPN.com. "It's a breeding ground for excellence, so it can not do anything other than get involved and help be part of it, really."

Gordon has done a good job picking up the Patriots offense. In just four games, the wide receiver caught 22 passes for 224 yards and a touchdown.

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