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Joseph P. Kennedy backs Pelosi, & # 39; messy primary & # 39;

U.S. Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III defended yesterday the controversial leader of the Dutch minority Nancy Pelosi and the traditional democratic principles, while calling for a "disorderly primary" in the 2020 presidential election cycle.

"I still fully support her "Kennedy said about Pelosi during a sitting interview in the Herald yesterday. "I think he's playing a pretty tough hand."

Pelosi has been criticized by United States Representative Seth Moulton, who has said it is time for a new and younger leadership. But Kennedy praised Pelosi for keeping the Democrats virtually united in the first year of the Trump administration and noted that even his critics acknowledge that Pelosi is an effective "tactician".

Moulton recently generated national headlines by requesting the resignation of Pelosi, about his handling of the harassment scandal of congressman John Conyers.

Kennedy said the critique he hears is whether Pelosi should be the face of a recovering Democratic Party and take over as president of the House if the party wins in the 2018 midterms.

"The only thing I would say to the people who criticize is if they have a message they want to send, if they think there should be a different argument and if they think they have something else to offer, then do it," Kennedy said. "Go ahead, go and present your case."

Kennedy said he would like to see a "messy primary" for the Democrats by 2020, noting that both President Trump and US Senator Bernie Sanders were able to take advantage of the discontent populism among voters that the polsters and conventional pollsters omitted.

"Unless you have a field of people and can really do it, you will miss it," Kennedy said. "So I think what Democrats really need – as much as people say, 'My God, we do not want a messy primary – we need a messy primary.'

Kennedy said that the Democratic Party should convey that "the government turns its back on it," regardless of race or religion, and the problems that delay "the miners of Kentucky and West Virginia" are the same that affect " a single mother in Dorchester. "

Kennedy, Moulton, former governor Deval Patrick and US Senator Elizabeth Warren are considered potential Democratic contenders by 2020.

Democratic strategist Phil Johnston said Kennedy is unlikely to be satisfied with being a career congressman.

"He's certainly on an upward trajectory, and where he is" "The earth is unpredictable," Johnston said, noting that Kennedy could also seek a seat in the US Senate. UU "It will certainly land in a position of important national leadership."

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