Jordanian prince placed under house arrest after visit to families of COVID-19 victims: report

The half brother of Jordan’s King Abdullah, Prince Hamzah bin-Hussein, was placed under house arrest after visiting the families of COVID-19 patients.

According to Reuters, it was that visit that prompted a response from the Jordanian monarchy. A senior official called the event “the straw that broke the camel’s back” as it followed a visit by King Abdullah to the hospital in which he reprimanded staff for the deaths of nine patients.

People familiar with the situation told the outlet that the prince’s visit was seen to undermine King Abdullah’s authority and resulted in Hamzah being placed under house arrest earlier this month. Hamzah at the time reported that he was unable to communicate with others or go out to meetings during his arrest.

“The well-being (of Jordanians) has been put in second place by a ruling system that has decided that their personal interests, financial interests, that their corruption is more important than the life, dignity and future of the ten million people who live here, ”he said. , according to Reuters.

Both Hamzah and King Abdullah were publicly reconciled after the incident, Reuters reported. However, experts have said that tensions have risen once again as a result of Jordan’s struggle with unemployment and a surge in coronavirus-related deaths.

“The family feud is over, but we have to address the issues that caused it … unemployment, COVID-19 management and poverty,” Jawad al Anani, who served as the last head of the royal court under the late King Hussein. . “These are the causes (of) … the frustration that pushes people to follow their own idols.”


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