Jordan Klepper of ‘Daily Show’ faces capital riot, cameraman attacked

aAs President Trump’s Maga Hoards overtook the US Capitol last Wednesday, photos of a familiar face began to emerge on social media in a crowd of rebels: Daily show Correspondent Jordan Klepper. When I reached out to him for immediate results to see what kind of field piece he had for the audience, the comedian simply replied, “A wild one.”

Segment that has only been posted online since The daily show This week is still on hiatus, in fact two weeks after the election last November, more humiliating than the previous one Klepper filmed on the so-called “Million Maga March”. He not only got close enough to see the crowd in the building, but got into a momentary scuffle with a Trump supporter who tackled his cameraman.

“Last week we saw one of the darkest days in American history,” Klepper says at the top of the video. “And for better or worse, I was there.” At the Trump rally that preceded the act of domestic terrorism, he asked attendees if they would accept Joe Biden as their president by 20 January. When a couple told them that they “do not consent” to be governed by “illegally fraudulent elections”, they responded, “but you have chosen a person who does not care so much about consent is.”

Things became more aggressive as the crowd chased towards Klepper Capital. “One thing you can’t help but notice is just how many people looked like they were preparing for a fight,” he said. “From the tactical vest to the pitchkill, this rally took charge.”

“You can tell that these people really love the number of weapons they brought to America to hurt other Americans,” Clapper says. “This thing was a powder keg. It was all done for someone to lighten the fuse like these human blockers, ”he says, pointing to clips of Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump Jr. and the president himself practically committing treason to his supporters Giving orders

“Is this the last stand?” He asks a man on a Segway scooter towards the building.

Clapper’s previous reports from Trump’s rallies over the past year have been consistently hilarious, but you can feel the fun melt away as he absorbs the seriousness of what is about to happen. He said that on the footage of the violent clashes, he said, “He attacked our democracy, our police and even a cameraman.”

“Trump’s fake hard-man army is literally throwing itself to the ground to end the hunt,” he says before stating that “after all, the mob didn’t stop our democracy” as Congress later that night electoral Certified the college vote.

“This Schultain Rebellion failed,” Klepper concluded. “As I have a dry January.”

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