Jonathan Scott responds to Zooey Deschannel engagement rumors and jokes about Twin Brother Drew

Jonathan Scott is addressing rumors that he and girlfriend Zooey Dashnell are busy.

“I am confident that I will ask my girlfriend to tell a reporter before marrying me.” Estate brothers The star mocked SeriousXM co-hosts Kovin and Rich Friday.

He also shared that several rumors included his acceptance of his relationship with his twin brother Drew.

“This is a rumor mill that revolves around. We were really laughing because almost every story that unfolds is ‘Drew Gives Permission to Jonathan to Wade Zuwei’ or ‘Drew Gives His Nod to the Relationship,’ “Scott, 42, said. “And so we coined the phrase, we were laughing, Drew is my ‘brother-daddy’ as we are? Does he have to approve everything that happens in my life?”

Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott

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40-year-old, and Scott Scott first met while filming an episode last summer Carpool Karaoke Together. The pair were later spotted on a date in Los Angeles in September.

Scott told PEOPLE earlier this year that “there was instant chemistry during their shoot”.

“We literally laugh each other nonstop,” the HGTV host said in January. “I have never been in a relationship where my partner is as romantic as I am not romantic. I am usually a romantic weight bearing person. “

Jonathan Scott’s power trip Starr said, “He’s smarter than me, he’s smarter than me, and he’s more commuter than me! He’s a very thoughtful person, and that’s the thing I’m looking for. I said earlier to me The most important thing was understanding. But you have to be kind, and that’s for sure. “

Jonathan Scott / Instagram Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott

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In August, the couple celebrated their one-year anniversary with sweet posts on their respective social media pages.

Dechanal wrote on her Instagram with two photos of herself and Scott, “A year ago today I met such caring, captivating, generous, creative, beautiful, beautiful and all incredible human.”

“I am very grateful for every smile, kiss, hug, snuggle, laugh, scrabble game, escape room, breakfast, lunch and dinner I share with you,” he continued. “I want a million billion more with you even during the most awkward year for humanity.”

For his own post, Scott shared a video montage, highlighting some of the last year’s memorable moments, including his Halloween and Christmas celebrations as well as Dashnell’s’ 80s birthday party was.

“How that time flies when you’re spending the best time of your life,” he captioned the clip. “Who would have known that exactly one year ago my life would change forever.”

Scott said, “When I count my blessings, I count you twice.”

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