Jonathan Price accused of murder in fatal shooting

A Texas police officer was charged with murder Monday night in a fatal shooting case of a black man who was trying to break up a fight, a report said.

CBS DFW reported allegations of Wolf City police officer Sean David Lucas from Saturday’s shooting of 31-year-old Jonathan Price.

The report states that Lucas is being held on a $ 1 million bond.

Price, described as a “pillar of the community”, was trying to break up a domestic feud between a man and a woman at a Wolf City gas station when he was shot by police .

Family members and friends had told ABC affiliate WFAA-TV that Price had attacked Price, and when officers responded to the report of the disturbance, a policeman grabbed the good Samaritan, then shot him Granted.

Jonathan Price
Jonathan PriceFacebook

The former athlete, Price, worked for the city and was also a fitness trainer, his family said.

A witness who was in a store across the street, when the shots came out, recognized the victim as Price, calling him a “pillar of the community”.

Kyla Sanders told the TV station, “We all love him and think highly of him and can only meet the best man.”


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