Jon Stewart is on Twitter, racking up thousands of followers and taking sides in the Gametop Saga

Former longtime “Daily Show” host John Stewart joined just Twitter – screen name: @jon_actual; Followers: 845,800 and counting, fast – and going off an already contentious ground, setting low expectations and suggesting he is on a path to the presidency.

His first tweet, Gametop GME, posted late Thursday evening
+ 67.87%
The saga favors Reddit users, who have banded together in an attempt to break the back of hedge funds and others who are selling short to videogame retailers.

See: Mark Cube, Dave Portnoy, AOC and others prohibit trades for Robinhood on Gamestop and AMC

Stewart’s second tweet promised his appearance on the social-media platform to be sporadic and ineffective, and his third, which received his first tweets, concluded that this is the time he went to the Oval Office grapes Let’s start measuring.

Stewart ended his 16-year run at the Comedy Central anchor desk in 2015 and since then HBO and Then Likes for 9/11 first responders and their families, as well as military veterans and inked film and TV production deals Has advocated. Apple AAPL,

And, Stuart has crossed 855,000 Twitter TWTRs,

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