Jon Bernthal says he is "at peace" with the idea that The Punisher could get the ax

Photo: Cara Howe (Netflix)

Netflix fell a new season of The Punisher on its servers this weekend, reintroducing fans of the world of super violent veteran vigilante Frank Castle. If recent history is a clue, that suggests that the service is already working hard to prepare an exciting follow-up project for the second season of the program, that is, the educated writing ad that will likely be released in a few weeks, announcing that The series has been abruptly canceled, as have most of its Netflix Marvel partners.

But yes The punisher is destined to follow the path of Iron fist, Luke CageY Reckless-All of which the service was suspended last year, regardless of the popularity of its last departures-, then the star Jon Bernthal is ready to accept it with a sangfroid clearly different from Frank. Bernthal gave an interview with Variety this week, before the new episodes, he details the multiple injuries he suffered heroically while filming the new season, and also how he prepares for the wounds that gauze, cauterization and steel grimaces can not solve, also known as those inflicted As a result of any licensing maneuver is taking place between Netflix and Disney at this time.

"I know the reality of the situation and I'm at peace with it," said Bernthal, who first played the character in Reckless season 2. "I really only care about the things I can control, when I play the character and I do the work and it's right in front of me, I do everything I can to do my best, but in this business there is so much that we can not control what happens with these programs, these decisions are made in rooms to which I am not invited and I agree with that. "

Please consider this as a regular reminder to simply relax, let go and let God, courtesy of The Punisher, a show about a man who puts a big skull on his chest to make it more terrifying when he shoots criminals in the head.

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