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ESPN + Main card:

(c) Henry Cejudo (124.4) vs. TJ Dillashaw (124.6) – For the UFC flyweight title
Allen Crowder (252.6 lbs.) Vs. Greg Hardy (264 lbs.)
# 15 Gregor Gillespie (155.2 lbs.) Against Yancy Medeiros (155.4 lbs.)
# 2 Joseph Benavidez (124.4 lbs.) Vs. # 8 Dustin Ortiz (123.8 lbs.)
Rachael Ostovich (125.8 lbs.) Against Paige VanZant (125.8 lbs.)
Karl Roberson (203.8 lbs.) Vs. # 12 Glover Teixeira (205.6 lbs.)

ESPN Prelims

Donald Cerrone (155.8 lbs.) Vs. # 11 Alexander Hernandez (155.4 lbs.)
# 10 Joanne Calderwood (125.8 lbs.) Against Ariane Lipski (125.2 lbs.)
Alonzo Menifield (204.6 lbs.) Against Vinicius Castro (205.6 lbs.)
Mario Bautista (135.2 lbs.) Vs. # 6 Cory Sandhagen (135.6 lbs.)

ESPN + Prelims

Dennis Bermúdez (155.8 lbs.) Against Te Edwards (155 lbs.)
Belal Muhammad (170.2 lbs.) Against Geoff Neal (170.4 lbs.)
Chance Rencountre (170.4 lbs.) Against Kyle Stewart (170.4 lbs.)

Hello everyone, and welcome to UFC Fight Night 143 / UFC LIVE coverage on 411mania on ESPN + 1. You know it occurs to me that there is a joke about polyamory if UFC maintains the ESPN + naming scheme whatever the number . I am Robert Winfree and I will be your host at night, transmitting all the action as I see it. This is the first UFC event of 2019, I hope everyone had a safe New Year celebration and that 2019 has been treating them well so far. This also marks the first UFC event under its new agreement with ESPN, so seeing the week of the fight unfold under that particular flag has been interesting. We also have the new design of the UFC title belts on display for the first time, and I'm curious about your thoughts on that, so do not hesitate to discuss them below.

For this event, UFC brought a main event champion against champion, while bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw tries to become the first simultaneous champion who achieved that goal by losing weight instead of climbing when facing the flyweight champion. Henry Cejudo. Given the rumors that the UFC basically plans to kill the flyweight this year, there is a bit of extra intrigue in that confrontation beyond the fact that they are two tremendous fighters in conflict. Beyond that fight, we have the UFC debut of former NFL player Greg Hardy, Donald Cerrone returning to lightweight against rising contender Alexander Hernandez, and a rematch between Joseph Benavidez and Dustin Ortiz. It's not the brightest of the cards from top to bottom, but there are some solid things scattered throughout the event, so let's hope it develops even better in practice.

UFC Fight Night 143 comes to the world from the Barclays Center in the district of Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA. UU In the comments we have Jon Anik and UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier. As for the rules, New York has adopted the new set of rules, so it needs the two palms or fists to rest on the mat to be considered knocked down (or a knee, of course). Extending fingers towards your opponent is a fault, regardless of contact, and the language around the score is clearer and at the same time it is more encouraging than 10-8.

For starters, we are on ESPN +. We take a long time to start, there is a lot of progress and time spent at the badyst table. Apparently we are going to make Trevor Wittman join the broadcast position, we are not sure if it will be all afternoon or just intermittently, as the broadcast allows. Minor production note: I am digging the UFC on the ESPN issue that are running in the background.

Chance Rencountre just had a four-game winning streak when he lost his UFC debut to Belal Muhammad, now he's trying to avoid his first losing streak by getting the UFC's first major victory. Kyle Stewart took this fight at short notice, but only lost once and won his last fight. He is trying to make the most of this opportunity and shine under the lights in the UFC. As for the odds, they're with Stewart at -165 against +155 for Rencountre.

Welterweight bout: Chance Rencountre (12-3, 170.4 lbs.) Against Kyle Stewart (11-1, 170.4 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Rencountre is two inches taller, while Stewart has an inch and a half of reach above it. Southpaw for Rencountre, and he lands an early left. The attempt to kick Stewart's body goes into the groin and Rencountre definitely needs a minute after that. The repetition confirms the low blow, Stewart receives a hard warning because that was a very solid kick. Rencountre took a little, but is ready to continue and we are back in the fight. Inner leg kick of Rencountre, then to the left and get a double leg. Stewart quickly approaches the fence and the wall approaches, Rencountre is holding a waist back closure, and God helps us all and we have "Woo & # 39; s". Rencountre is trying to push Stewart back to the mat, but Stewart is sticking along the fence to help him stay upright. Stewart can not break Rencountre's grip around his body but remains vertical until now. Rencountre is able to pull Stewart back and get his back with a hook inward. Stewart kneels looking at the wall again, but Rencountre gets under the chin with the choke and, despite having only one hook, forces the tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: † WINNER: Chance Rencountre through Submission, rear choke, at 2:25 of Round 1

The First Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Rencountre for his work tonight. At the microphone time for Rencountre, he thanks his family for all their support and the people at home who have helped him along the way and believe that he can reach the end. When asked about the changes in the opponents he has dealt with, he only focused on his game plan since he knew that Stewart was a tough guy, and that his game plan revolves around wrestling. He talks to us to the end, expresses his love to his daughter and some other members of the family.

Just a quick glance at the end here. Stewart was doing a good job of keeping control of the wrist in at least one of Rencountre's hands, but in this situation, for a moment, he loses his left hand and Rencountre strikes her around the neck at lightning speed and, from there, everything is over, but the scream.

Sub in 1️⃣@BlackEagleMMA gets the first round of presentation in #UFCBrooklyn!

– UFC (@ufc) January 19, 2019

They are doing a good job with the exaggerations between fights, just a few small production touches, but they are adding to the general feeling of the event. Most of them so far are focused on promoting the main event. That said, while they are produced better, they still slow everything down. We got a two or three minute advertising job for Cejudo, talking on the broadcasting equipment, a bit quick on Dillashaw, a commercial breakdown of all things in a paid transmission service, and then we met with Karyn Bryan, Michael Bisping and badysts. and Rashad Evans. That is almost criminal for what happens between the first two literal fights.

Belal Muhammad has gone 5-2 in the UFC and has a run of four consecutive wins in this fight, if he can get five in a row here, he will probably face an opponent with a face value for his next fight. Geoff Neal is on his own four-game winning streak including two victories in the UFC and while Muhammad is one step ahead in the competition, a victory prepares him well in 2019. The odds favor Neal in -190 to +175 for Muhammad.

Welterweight bout: Belal Muhammad (14-2, 170.2 lbs.) Against Geoff Neal (10-2, 170.4 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: These two are of the same height, but Neal has three inches of range over Muhammad. Neal fights the left-handed, they touch their gloves to get going. Muhammad making a change of position, and the crowd with more "Woo-ing", to the disgust of everyone with functional ears. Neal solid body kick that allows you to hit on a rivet. Muhammad is able to spin freely quite fast with the correct position of the head and restart. Neal lands again with the left body kick, is putting a lot of power in that kick. Leg kicked by Neal and then left. Little to the right of Muhammad, but he is struggling with distance. Now, Muhammad tries a double leg, they go to the fence, but Neal places an arm while Muhammad tries to finish the double leg and that allows him to fight. Neal comes forward, doubles in the jab and lands a left behind him. Muhammad is swinging with his punches, Neal is throwing the punches straight and, therefore, can land first and more frequently. Knee to Neal's body. The pressure of Neal is coming to Muhammad at this point, clearly not very well with the back foot. Rigid right hook to Neal's left, which definitely caught Muhammad's attention. Muhammad responds with a single leg attempt, but Neal is able to defend. Muhammad is getting desperate, he is testing wilder things like flying knees, but Neal is suffocating him with the technique. They take hold and that's where the round will end.


SECOND ROUND: We heard from Trevor Wittman for the first time, apparently going to sound between rounds and talk a bit about the coaches' message between rounds. Neal is back to press and land straight punches, Muhammad is damaged in the nose. Good combination of Neal when Muhammad was in the fence, but Muhammad is able to turn enough to convince Neal that it is not the time to look for the end. Another line to the left for Neal. Muhammad tries a double leg, then a single leg, but can not control once a hip hits the mat and Neal is back and away. Neal is putting his jab working a little now. Muhammad gets some rights, then a right to the body. Straight to the body of Muhammad, but Neal gets a counter to the left. More body work of Muhammad, Neal is backing away now. Hard to the left to the body of Muhammad. Little of one, two of Neal, but he's feeling those body shots. Another left of the lands of Neal. Another attempt to demolish Muhammad is blocked by Neal. Neal lands another left, seems to be recovered from bodywork. Muhammad gets a kick to the body and then to the right, Neal gets a left hook. Neal blocks a takedown attempt and lands with a hard left that stuns Muhammad. Neal tries to swarm along the fence, but time will run out before he can finish.

SCOREKEEPER: 10-9 Neal, 20-18 Neal general

ROUND THREE: Neal is working twice to start the last round. Directly to the left of the lands of Neal, Muhammad balances another right to the body. Muhammad attempts a takedown, Neal is released and then blocks a high kick. At this point, Neal is being a bit predictable about head hunting, it is allowing Muhammad to take body shots. Neal blocks a demolition attempt and lands a left that drops Muhammad, hits him again and then follows his guard. Muhammad is back, but that sequence shook him. Muhammad's body kick, which is swelling under both eyes. Neal is using that left advantage and is attacking Muhammad with her, and he throws a kick in the head just in case. Muhammad with a little right, Neal with another kick in the head this time lands flush and Muhammad is down, but still fighting and is back throwing punches. I am surprised that Muhammad is still in this, his chin is something else. Now they are exchanging blows, and Muhammad is cut under the left eye by the cheekbone. Thanks to Muhammad for continuing to advance and pitching, but Neal is avoiding, countering, and will get the last shot of the round with a short left hook nearby.

SCOREKEEPER: 10-8 Neal, 30-26 Neal General

OFFICIAL RESULT: † WINNER – Geoff Neal by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)

Not 10-8 for two demolitions and a close finish in the third? Odd. At the microphone time for Neal, he says he hates decisions but he knows that Muhammad is tough and that he had to be ready to fight during the fifteen minutes. Put on your coaches and training partners. When asked how soon he will return, he says when and plans to stay ready.

Very good fight, especially considering the position on the card. Here's the kick in the head that knocked Muhammad down in the third, I'm still not sure how he got up after that.

Kick in the head!

But Muhammad survives and stands up. Woohoo! #UFCBrooklyn

– UFC (@ufc) January 20, 2019

This time we do not have the long wait between fights, it seems that the time for fighting is much stronger now than in the past, which led to the great wait between the first two fights.

Dennis Bermúdez has been with the UFC since 2011 and has had a couple of good winning streaks during that time, unfortunately he has lost his last four straight and although three of them have been divided decisions, he can not afford to lose another fight here like five. in a row, so he is testing his light weight for the first time in his stay in UFC. Te Edwards is coming off a loss in his UFC debut but could recover well with a win over a UFC veteran, even if the veteran seems to be at a disadvantage in his UFC career. It says a lot about how Bermudez has been falling lately that the odds are with Edwards at -130 against a comeback of +120 for Bermudez.

Light Combat: Dennis Bermúdez (16-9, 155.8 pounds) against Te Edwards (6-2, 155 pounds)

ROUND ONE: Edwards is two inches taller and has a six-inch reach advantage. They touch the gloves to get going. Bermúdez goes ahead early, Edwards is working leg kicks. Calf kick Bermúdez. Edwards is making a change of position, and blocks a double-leg attempt that leads to a close on the fence. Both men who hide in a few knees break and Edwards gets an uppercut. Edwards catches a kick and gets a combination, a pair of Edwards uppercuts drop Bermúdez but he gets up. Now Edwards avoids a bad one-legged attempt and lands a few punches, Bermúdez lands a little like an elbow. Edwards keeps showing shots and then throwing uppercuts, it's a bit predictable but Bermudez does not seem to have noticed yet. Bermúdez tries only one leg, Edwards defends but eats a pair of knees when he frees himself from Bermúdez. Another one-legged attempt by Bermúdez, but Edwards defends this one. Edwards could be tired or injured, he is not moving well and Bermudez has him in the fence and lands a few hits. One leg of Bermudez succeeds this time, he is up in the middle of the guard. The short elbows of Bermúdez, Edwards are cut like the round ends.

SCOREKEEPER: 10-9 Bermúdez but one nearby

SECOND ROUND: A Bermúdez front kick to the body while he is supporting Edwards on the fence. Edwards tries a guillotine to counteract a demolition, but he escapes and Bermudez gets back in the middle of the guard. Bermúdez moves to lateral control, has a double wrist lock and is looking for the kimrua. It takes a little, but it has the arm around the leg and Bermúdez moves towards the north-south position holding the kimura. Edwards' elbow is not bent, so there is no pressure and Edwards releases his arm. Edwards gets on his knees, Bermúdez looks for a blocking position of the front head, has many choking options if he wants. They're back and Edwards nudges him into the break. Edwards has visibly decreased now, while Bermúdez is still moving well. A few calf kicks from Bermudez. Easy one leg of Bermúdez to half guard again. Some blows and elbows Bermudez, Edwards is fading at this point. The round ends in that position.

SCOREKEEPER: 10-8 Bermúdez but marginal, 20-17 Bermúdez in general

ROUND THREE: With a kick from Edwards, Bermúdez gets a better one. More kicks from Bermúdez, Edwards is here at this moment. Bermúdez shoots one leg and gets it easily, even Edwards' guillotine attempt was half done. When he gets on his knees, Bermudez grabs an arm on the same side of the guillotine choke, but they end up rolling a bit and lose the specific grip. Bermúdez is trying to adjust his grip, finally leans on him and lands the elbows to the body from the half guard. Now the knees of Bermudez knees are mounted in 3/4, then they are fully badembled, and it looks like they are going to play in Edwards. Codos de Bermúdez. Edwards has no posture control, and Bermudez mistreats him, and then throws himself into an arm when Edwards tries to fight. Edwards releases his arm and is at the top for a moment, but Bermudez starts a fight and they stand again. One quick leg from Bermudez, this time in Edwards' guard. Bermduez is easily pbading the guard, Edwards simply could not keep pace and technique while the fight has continued. There is an attempt to lock Bermudez's key, Edwards is released and begins to throw after a hip escape to a neutral position, but is not landing clean and time is running out.

SCOREKEEPER: 10-8 Bermúdez, 30-25 Bermúdez in general

OFFICIAL RESULT: † WINNER – Dennis Bermúdez by unanimous decision (30-26 x3)

Bermúdez is taking off his gloves in the cage and announcing his early retirement at the microphone. He says that fighting is amazing and retiring in New York, where he lives, means a lot, is very excited and the crowd is cheering him on. He considered retiring after four defeats, but he did not want his children to reflect on his career in that way, he wanted to persevere and move forward. To close, he mentions his uncle who has cancer and is not doing well, but the people of New York stand up when he reaches the bottom.

That's all for the preliminaries on ESPN +, now for ESPN for the rest of the preliminaries. Well, at least in theory because there is a college basketball game that is being extended. I'm not sure if we're going to wait or move to a different channel.

OK, the update seems to be that they will only delay the next fight until the basketball game is over, so there is no channel change, just a late start and we will not miss any UFC action.

Hey, Ron Perlman's opening narrative is still a thing as the ESPN part begins. Nice, I'm glad you kept that.

This next fight started as Dominick Cruz against John Lineker, but first Cruz and then Lineker got hurt and we ended up with this fight. Cory Sandhagen is on a four-game winning streak that includes two victories in the UFC and his most recent victory over veteran Iuri Alcantara was especially impressive, with a victory here that could consolidate as a prospect to watch in the division. Mario Bautista is taking this at short notice, but he is undefeated and could really consolidate with a victory over a rising prospect. Sandhagen is a big favorite of -500 against +435 for Bautista.

Bantamweight fight: Mario Bautista (6-0, 135.2 pounds) against Cory Sandhagen (9-1, 135.6 pounds)

ROUND ONE: Sandhagen is two inches taller and has an inch of reach in Baptist. Both men probing with kicks in the legs, Sandhagen changes a lot of position, and Bautista seems to be trying to match it. Baptist body kick. Left to the body and then a Sandhagen kick. Leg kick from Sandhagen but Bautista catches her. Another shot from body to leg of Sandhagen. Bautista's leg kick to counteract a head kick. The volume of Sandhagen is working on Bautista, then a flying knee from the floors of Sandhagen Bautista! Sandhagen in the upper landing offensive, moves to the full mount, but Bautista is looking to walk the wall. Bautista has risen, Sandhagen tries to shoot, but Bautsita reads it and ends up getting a big crotch shoot down. Sandhagen receives an inverted triangle choke from that punch and is shifting towards a leg attack but loses grip. Now Sandhagen hits a roll of kimura in the top position, switches to an arm bar and forces the tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: † WINNER – Cory Sandhage, through Submission, barbell, at 3:31 of Round 1

The First Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Sandhagen for his work tonight. Well, that was a funny joke, Sandhagen is a handful, and nothing else, does not care at all what his opponent does. Sandhagen receives an interview, says he is improving with every UFC fight and feels he is one level above the others. When asked about the change in opponents, he says he wanted the fight with Lineker since he feels he is above the majority of the division. He talks to us to the end, points out that he wanted to be memorable in the first UFC fight on ESPN. When asked who is next or when he will return, he would prefer an opponent in the top ten or first fifteen, but he simply loves to fight.

Here is the finish. That is not the best execution, since he rolls before pbading a leg over his face to control Bautista, but it was quite clear that the rhythm and variety of offenses overwhelmed Bautista.

3-0 in the UFC with THREE finishes! @Cors_Life he does it to open the @ESPN Preliminary! #UFCBrooklyn

– UFC (@ufc) January 20, 2019

We spent some time with Stephen A. Smith and Michael Bisping to fill some time in the air and the ESPN + pimp, in addition to promoting some of the fights.

Alonzo Menifield is undefeated and makes his UFC debut after a very quick victory in Contender Series by Dana White In his second appearance on that platform, he is now trying to make the most of his UFC debut and, given the generally poor state of the division, could start running pretty fast. Vinicius Moreira is another student of the Contender Series who makes his UFC debut here, and likewise can make a great first impression in a superficial division. The odds are with Menifield at -280 for a return of +255 at Moreira

Light Heavyweight Combat: Alonzo Menifield (7-0, 204.6 lbs.) Against Vinicius Moreira (9-1, 205.6 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Moreira is four inches taller but the reach is identical. They touch gloves so we can get going. Both men lose the wild blows, Menifield gets a blow that falls to Moreira and he follows his guard, then he thinks better and we are back. Heavy kick of Moreira's leg. Menifield slides a right hand through Moreira's guard. Neither of them moves well, as if it were something heavy. One of Menifield's two. Moreira's body is completely open if Menifield plans to go to him. Lose jumping Moreira's knee. Moreira gets a leg kick and covers herself to block the counters. They take hold, Moreira gets a blockade of the body and takes Menifield to the fence. Menifield breaks the grip and we settle into a lock. Moreira's one-leg attempt has to settle for a vine in his leg and he can not finish it. Menifield gets from chest to chest and we're back in the positional jockey. They break without much incident. Menifield lands on the right while Moreira turns, Moreira is down and Menifield hits him a couple more times while kneeling to provoke the arrest.

OFFICIAL RESULT: † WINNER – Alonzo Menifield by TKO, punches, at 3:56 of Round 1

The First Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Menifield for his work tonight. That was not good, but at least it did not last long. Menifield receives an interview, says that he feels very well and that he knew he had to avoid the terrain against Moreira. He says that life is harder than fighting, but the struggle is really difficult and speaks to us to the end. When asked about moving forward, he says that he is always training and that he is willing to fight whenever. He thanks his wife and mother-in-law and then his coaches, says it's been a long race and plays a little with the crowd.

And here is the finish. Menifield has power but needs to refine his technique, in this case, although Moreira throws a spinning kick for the third time in the round he did not set, lands awkwardly when he misses her and Menifield takes the proper angle and then the explosions. He has a right and does not let him get off the hook once he's down.

BIG drops of the right hand Moreira, and @AlonzoMenifield The Brazilian finishes in the first round! Woohoo!#UFCBrooklyn

– UFC (@ufc) January 20, 2019

We get the official announcement of Pettis vs. Thompson at welterweight for March 23 as the main event for that card, we also have Blaydes vs. Willis on that card, plus one of the last flyweight fights when Deiveson Figueiredo confronts Jussier Formiga, which is a really good flyweight fight actually.

Here are six confirmed matches for #UFCNashville on March 23. It's a good fight night with an inane main event.

– Kyle Johnson (@VonPreux) January 20, 2019

Joanne Calderwood has just broken a streak of two lost fights when she returned to flyweight, now she is trying to defend her superior ranking and start moving towards contention for the title. Ariane Lipski was the current KSW flyweight champion before signing with the UFC, she is on a nine-game winning streak in her UFC debut here and could make a big statement with a win over a clbadified contender. Lipski is a surprising favorite of -200 for a return of +185 for Calderwood.

Flyweight women's fight: # 10 Joanne Calderwood (12-3, 125.8 lbs.) Against Ariane Lipski (11-3, 125.2 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: These two are of the same height, while Lipski has an inch and a half of reach at Calderwood. Both women go off, quick combination of Lipski. The elbows of Lipski and they take hold, Lipski with the knees to the body and takes to Calderwood to the fence. The knees go back and forth as they compete for the position. Both women land knees and then separate. Body shot from Lipski, but Calderwood gets a double take down along the fence in half guard. Lipski is fishing a double wrist clasp, Calderwood punches him and ends up moving with a hook. Calderwood after the strangulation, but has no hooks so that Lipski can turn to her and avoid strangulation. Calderwood on the top again and lands a few short punches. Lipski is behind a sweep but does not have the movement down, Calderwood in the middle of the guard on the other side and is behind an arm triangle. However, there is no control over Lipski's torso and she rolls freely, but Caldersood moves back to the driving position and engages with both by taking her back. Calderwood is behind the strangulation, he frees himself from that to throw some punches trying to set it up. Attempt of Calderwood's Armbar, she is in control of the web and is looking to extend her arm. Lipski defends himself for the last seconds and finishes the round.

SCOREKEEPER: 10-9 Calderwood

SECOND ROUND: Little to the right of Lipski to start the round. Quick combination of Lipski, Calderwood fails a rotating kick. They exchange rights, but Lipski seemed to have more heat in hers. Lipski body kick. A right to Lipski's body and then a kick. Taking a look at the kick of Lipski's head, they took hold and Lipski lands on the left, then Calderwood lands a knee when they break. Calderwood lands a right. Lipski blocks a misconfigured takedown attempt and then fails an elbow hit. Lipski lands to the right and then to a kick to the body. Calderwood is doing a good job of handling distance with frontal kicks to the body and leg, Lipski is struggling with that technique. The right lands for Lipski and then a right to the body. From Calderwood and she blocks the counter. Lipski gets a counter right. Left hook of land Lipski. Lipski blocks a knockdown and throws his knees to the body while Calderwood pushes them towards the fence. Knees are exchanged, but Lipski is not fighting for the head position and that allows Calderwood to keep her trapped in the fence. Then trade is broken. A blow from Lipski will be the last hit of the round.

SCOREKEEPER: 10-9 Calderwood but much closer, 20-18 Calderwood in general

ROUND THREE: They touch the gloves for the last round. Calderwood works kicks early and Lipski is losing his punches. Right lands for Calderwood. Turning the elbow of the lands of Calderwood, but Lipski eats it. They take hold and Calderwood kneels to the body, but Lipski gets a head block in the lateral control. Lipski with some elbows to the body, but Calderwood's hip escapes the full guard. A few fists from Lipski, but she is struggling to get her position. Calderwood is preparing an arm bar attempt, there is the attempt and she gets the roll, but Lipski has his head tied to help defend the extension. Calderwood está tratando de adaptarse, libera su cabeza y busca extender sus caderas, pero Lipski la apila y saca el codo del peligro. Lipski aún está atrapada por el brazo, pero aún no está en peligro, se libera completamente y Calderwood se pone en guardia. Codo de Lipski. Otro intento de barra de brazo de Calderwood, ella termina con la barriga hacia abajo pero no puede terminar antes de que se acabe el tiempo.

TANTEADOR: 10-9 Calderwood, 30-27 Calderwood en general

RESULTADO OFICIAL: † GANADOR – Joanne Calderwood por decisión unánime (30-27, 30-26 x2)

No estoy seguro de qué ronda fue 10-8 pero no me quejo demasiado. A la hora del micrófono para Calderwood, sintió pena por Lipski por tener que debutar contra ella, pero al parecer ella y su equipo son los únicos que creen en ella. Ella dice que su plan de juego era hacerlo volar, solo ver todo y reaccionar en tiempo real. Al preguntársele sobre los intentos de envío, ella nota que en el tercero todos están resbaladizos, por lo que necesita esforzarse más en la primera ronda. Cuando se le pregunta qué es lo próximo, bromea diciendo que puede pelear nuevamente esta noche si VanZant o Ostovich se pelean y luego dice que le gustaría pelear con Jessica Eye a continuación.

Donald Cerrone es uno de los peleadores más entretenidos, además de estar actualmente en la cima de un par de récords, específicamente la mayoría de las victorias y los más finales en la historia de UFC. Cerrone está regresando a peso ligero por primera vez desde 2015, cuando no pudo llevarse el título de peso ligero del entonces campeón Rafael dos Anjos. Alexander Hernández está en una racha de ocho victorias consecutivas, incluidas dos victorias en el UFC que lo han visto ganar una clasificación superior en la división, ahora está buscando una victoria exclusiva sobre un popular y probado veterano del deporte. Hernández es su favorito a los -200, mientras que Cerrone pagaría a los +170.

Combate ligero: Donald Cerrone (34-11 1 NC, 155.8 libras) vs. # 11 Alexander Hernandez (10-1, 155.4 libras)


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