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We don’t typically write about Hollywood on / Film paydays unless they’re especially big, but a new report brings news of three new cases that absolutely fit that description. Writer / director Rian Johnson, producer Ram bergmanand star Daniel Craig everyone is poised to win $ 100 million each thanks to the amazing Knives out sequel deal that Netflix made last week. The deal itself was worth $ 469 million, but the fact that these three players will each receive $ 100 million puts them in a rarefied air in Hollywood history. That’s Robert-Downey-Jr-Avengers-Money level.

According to a new THR article, “The pact gave Johnson immense creative control, sources say. The Hollywood Reporter. You don’t have to take notes from the transmitter. The only contingencies were that Craig had to star in the sequels and that each had to have at least the budget for the 2019 movie, which was in the $ 40 million range. Sources say Johnson, Bergman and Craig will walk away with more than $ 100 million each. “

Again, that’s a lot of money. Downey is the only person I can think of who is in the same stratosphere. For Avengers Endgame, rumored to have made around $ 75 million when your lucrative final profit-sharing deal is taken into account.

If I may worry-troll for a moment: when you make that much money, you run the risk of disconnecting from reality to some degree and not wanting, not being able to or not being interested in taking notes and advice from anyone when you do. it’s about making creative decisions about future projects. That might sound great on paper, but it’s probably also the way things like Dolittle they end up happening. There is something to be said for the idea that compromises and constraints are essential to creating the most interesting version of a movie. But Johnson knows this and is one of the humblest and most hard-working people in the industry. I fully trust his creative instincts and have no doubt that these sequels will end up being great.

The THR article mentions that in January, “with the pandemic in full swing,” Johnson and Bergman (who own the rights to Knives out) “He questioned the short-term viability of the theatrical release” and decided to turn to streamers for sequels, and a bidding war broke out, with Netflix emerging victorious. There may be some complaints that this deal is a major blow to theatrical films, but considering the circumstances in which this decision was made (remember, it was a long time before the vaccine launch was as effective as it’s been since), it’s hard to blame Johnson and Bergman for doing what they had to do to ensure these sequels could be made.

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