John Oliver Reveals Scene Hannities Lies About Portland Protesters –

John Oliver Reveals Scene Hannities Lies About Portland Protesters

On Sunday night, John Oliver closed the latest version of his acclaimed late night show, Last week tonight, Addressing the ongoing brutality of Black Lives Matter protesters by federal agents of President Trump in Portland, Oregon.

“Protests in Portland have actually been going on daily for almost two months since the murder of George Floyd,” Oliver said. “But the deployment of federal agents was a sharp rise of questionable legitimacy, and yet, to tell the president what he had to tell it was no option And it was a Scary idea.”

Yes, at a press conference with reporters, Trump announced, “We’re doing a great job in Portland. Portland was very bumpy, and they called us in, and we did a good job – to do it lightly. ”

“Well, first: It’s never good when Trump says he’s ‘doing a great job’, given that he feels his administration is doing a ‘great job’ to deal with coronovirus,” and He once declared Ben Affleck to do a ‘great job’. As Batman. Obviously, this guy has no idea what a ‘great job’ really looks like, “Oliver said,” And for the record, those agents were very much No Called in. “(Both the Governor of Oregon and the Mayor of Portland have said that Trump had ordered federal agents against their orders and they want them to leave.)

Also, according to Oliver, “Masking people into an unmarked van is never a good idea if they want to de-escalate a situation. It’s not a good idea for a surprise party.”

The HBO host claimed that “the talk in Portland was not particularly serious” and that “the protest was mostly peaceful … it’s about a block that actually took place between protesters and police before federal agents moved Was starting to see less confrontation. ”


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