John Oliver exposes Trump’s Kamala Harris birithism and Qion

Sunday night, John Oliver is back Last week tonight Desk after a few weeks to deal with the biggest news of late.

“The big news was Kamala Harris being announced as Biden’s running mate – a decision that sent conservatives to attack tactics, claiming that it was a ‘extremist, far-left’ ticket – which It is not at all a baseless allegation that citizenship requirements cannot be met to hold office despite being born too high in the United States, “Oliver said.” This is a disappointing resurgence of the fraternity, so Trump of course jumped it all over. ”

Yes, at a press conference this week, Trump made a completely unsatisfactory gesture Newsweek Op-ed by a man who lost to Kamala Harris in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s race – which questioned Harris’ citizenship and VP requirements (though the same author defended Ted Cruz’s requirements, even though he was in Canada and Harris Was born) in California).


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