John Oliver exposes Mike Pence’s dangerous coronavirus lies

Rather than scoff at the embarrassing attendance at the President Donald Trump rally in Tulsa or continue his war against Fox News’ “racist” troll Tucker Carlson, John Oliver launched the latest edition of Last week tonight addressing the COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping the nation. The numbers are at record levels across the country, including in red states like Arizona, Florida and Texas that quickly flouted the rules of social distancing and reopened.

“The United States is now setting records for new daily cases as the virus increases across the country, making it surprising, and frankly, irritating, that the vice president made this statement on Friday,” Oliver offered.

The comic later went to Vice President Mike Pence’s press conference, in which the man who once allowed a horrible outbreak of HIV during his tenure as governor of Indiana lied under his breath. “The truth is that we slow down the spread,” he said. “We flatten the curve. We were able to stand up the resources and capabilities in our healthcare system to deal with this coronavirus, uh, in a way that would put, um, the health of our entire country first. ”

“Than?!” Oliver exclaimed. “That is such an open and stupid lie. It’s like saying, rather than saying, ‘Your dog is on a farm in the north of the state,’ said your father, ‘your dog has a farm in the north of the state that has the marketplace cornered in supplies of wheat and grains to the Wholesale for all of Saratoga County. ‘ That’s not true: the dog is dead and, by the way, it’s over 120,000 Americans. ”