John Oliver enters into discussion with Dustin Hoffman on sexual harassment allegations in the film’s panel


6:29 p.m. PST 4/4/2017


Abid Rahman

On a 20th anniversary screening of & # 39; Wag the Dog & # 39 ;, the presenter of & # 39; Last Week Tonight & # 39; He interrogated the Oscar-winning actor for the recent accusations of inappropriate behavior against him.

John Oliver got into an irritable argument with Dustin Hoffman about accusations of badual harbadment against the Oscar-winning actor at a movie panel in New York on Monday night.

In a panel of the 20th anniversary and screening of the political film Wag the Dog Oliver asked Hoffman about recent accusations of badual harbadment against Anna Graham Hunter when she was a 17-year production badistant. in the 1985 movie TV Death of a seller. According to The Steve Zeitchik of the Washington Post who tweeted about the swing as it happened and then posted a full story and a video of what happened, Hoffman "became visibly uncomfortable."

The presenter Last Week Tonight addressed the issue at approximately half of the discussion prior to the one-hour screening, according to Zeitchik's story.

"This is something we're going to have to talk about because … it's floating in the air," Oliver told Hoffman in the discussion, according to the Post.

"Is it hanging in the air?" Said Hoffman. "Of some things you've read, you've made an incredible badumption about me," he said, adding sarcastically, "You've done the case better than anyone else." I'm guilty. "

Oliver, in particular, took advantage of Hoffman's apology after The Hollywood Reporter revealed the accusations against the actor.

When he contacted THR ] Hoffman said: "I have the utmost respect for women and I feel terrible that whatever I have done has put her in an uncomfortable situation. I am sorry. It does not reflect who I am "

" It's not reflective "of who I am" – it's that kind of response to this issue that bothers me, "Oliver said during the roundtable, according to the Post . "Reflect who you were." If you have not submitted any proof that you did not [happen] there was a period of time during which you were a vine with the women. It feels like an excuse to say, "It was not me." Do you understand how that feels like a dismissal? "

The rest of the debate was dominated by Oliver, Hoffman and the issue of badual harbadment with other panel participants and audience members trying to change the subject, the Post reports, claiming that Oliver even He tried to go ahead and talk about the movie, but Hoffman went back to the harbadment allegations.

Hoffman said several Monday night he said he did not think he had done anything wrong, the Post said, he said he did not remember meeting Graham. Hunter, who had not found anyone and what he said was simply how "one family" members talked to each other, says the Post.

"I still do not know who this woman is," Hoffman said. I knew if I met her she was in concert with other people. "

The actor said he was upset that neither Oliver nor the Tribeca organizers told him that the moderator would raise the issue.

At one point, Hoffman asked Oliver if he believed the reports about him and Oliver said: "Yes, because it makes no sense [an accuser] to lie."

"Well, there is a point where he does not mention it for 40 years," said Hoffman.

"Oh Dustin, "Oliver said disapproving, putting his head in his hand.

Hoffman later told Oliver," You were not there, "and the presenter Last Week Tonight replied:" I'm happy. " I was not there, "according to Zeitchik.

Read Zeitchik's tweets and other attendees below.

John Oliver was after Dustin Hoffman a great moment in badual harbadment in this panel of Wag The Dog. Hoffman became visibly uncomfortable. "You were not there," he tells Oliver. "I'm happy it was not," Oliver replied.

– Steven Zeitchik (@ZeitchikWaPo) December 5, 2017

All hell has broken out in this Wag The Dog panel. The subject seemed over after seven minutes, but Hoffman mentioned it again, saying that Oliver does not maintain an "open mind" and that he is certainly a believing accuser, and he was followed by an irritated five minutes.

– Steven Zeitchik (@ZeitchikWaPo) December 5, 2017

And now the _ audience _ is discussing fickle things about whether Hoffman is standing and Oliver should be asking the questions. I'm not sure I saw something like that in a selection panel.

– Steven Zeitchik (@ZeitchikWaPo) December 5, 2017

Oliver just asked people to stop recording his argument with Hoffman on his phone. "That's what I hate about the Internet." But I want to say, is not that why you mentioned it? To have a public conversation?

– Steven Zeitchik (@ZeitchikWaPo) December 5, 2017

This picture was taken before # 92Y panel discussion heated up; John Oliver asked Dustin Hoffman about the accusations of badual badault against him … Hoffman denied knowing the woman.

– Laura Podesta (@LauraPodestaTV) December 5, 2017

"You made an incredible badumption about me, sir," Hoffman told Oliver. Oliver says it's something he had to raise before watching the movie #wagthedog

– Laura Podesta (@LauraPodestaTV) December 5, 2017

Dustin Hoffman and John Oliver entering Tribeca Benefit Film Institute. "What answer do you want?" – Hoffman "It does not seem self-reflective in the way the situation demands it." -Oliver

– Dade Hayes (@dadehayes) December 5, 2017

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