John Oliver calls Tucker Carlson a ‘vessel … for white supremacist talking points’

John Oliver called Sunday night Tucker carlsonTucker CarlsonTucker Carlson Responds to “Awakened Generals” After Criticism Veteran PAC Criticizes Tucker Carlson for Comments on Female Night Defense Service Members: Tucker Carlson’s Comments Cause Military Fury | They question the duty of guard of the Capitol | Veterinarian who served in the Marine One unit accused of insurrection MORE “America’s Most Outstanding Ship for white supremacist talking points, “saying that any conversation about the Fox News anchor running for the White House” should be seriously alarming. “

During a segment of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” the comedian lamented Carlson’s popularity and influence, noting that Fox News has recently made moves to expand its presence through a documentary series and podcast.

And if that wasn’t enough, Tucker has also been featured as a possible future presidential candidate, which should be seriously alarming. Because of all the things that Tucker is, a conspiracy theorist, a misogynist, Islamophobe, a troll, one of the most dangerous is that he is the most prominent vessel in America for white supremacist talking points, “he said. Oliver.

Oliver noted that whenever Carlson is accused of echoing or sympathizing with white nationalism, he routinely questions what white nationalism is, implying that it doesn’t exist.

“Whenever you try to define [white nationalism] himself, he tends to be selfishly narrow, ”Oliver said. “But for the record, white supremacists themselves seem to be huge fans of what Tucker has been up to.”

Oliver noted that former white supremacist Derek Black, the son of the founder of the neo-Nazi website Stormfront, said his family members turn to Carlson for advice on how to promote their cause.

Carlson in 2019 called white supremacy a “hoax”, likening it to the investigation of Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election and saying it is being used to divide the country.

Later that year, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-CortezAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cuomo biographer: ‘Predatory behavior’ has been ‘evident for years’ The memo: Cuomo clings to political life Schumer, Gillibrand ask Cuomo to resign MORE (DN.Y.) blasted Carlson as a “white supremacist sympathizer” and his show as a “one-hour production of outright racism” after a segment in his New York borough.

“This is a hoax, just like the Russian hoax,” Carlson said during a segment of his show. “It is a conspiracy theory that is used to divide the country and maintain power.”

Carlson drew widespread criticism last week after he berated President BidenJoe Biden The Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by Facebook – Biden to Hit the Road and Promote COVID-19 Relief Act Oregon Senator takes center stage in Democratic filibuster debate this week: Democrats look to next step after coronavirus relief bill win MORE for promotion to two female generals. Carlson also called the newly designed maternity flight suits a “mockery of the US military.”

Lawmakers and military leaders responded to Carlson’s comments.

“Women lead our deadliest units with character,” tweeted Sgt. Army Major Michael Grinston, the service’s top enlisted leader. “They will dominate ANY future battlefield we are called to fight. @TuckerCarlson’s words are divisive, they don’t reflect our values. We have THE MOST professional, educated, agile and strong [noncommissioned officer] Body in the world “.

Senator Tammy duckworthLadda (Tammy) Tammy DuckworthNight Defense: Tucker Carlson’s Comments Cause a Military Fury | They question the duty of guard of the Capitol | Veterinarian who served in Marine One unit accused of insurrection Duckworth criticizes Tucker Carlson for his comments on women in the military Duckworth announces his candidacy for re-election MORE (D-Ill.) He wrote on Twitter: “F * ck Tucker Carlson.”

“While he was practicing his two steps, American warriors were hunting Al Qaeda and showing the strength of American women. Happy belated International Women’s Day to everyone except Tucker, who even I can dance better than” Duckworth, ex-combatant A pilot in the Iraq war who lost both legs after his helicopter was shot down, he added.

The Hill has requested comment from Fox News on Oliver’s comments.

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