John Oliver and Colbert brutally mock Trump’s terrible impeachment attorneys

John Oliver makes his triumphant return to Last week tonight next Sunday on HBO. But first, he joined Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night. Late show to weigh in on everything that has been missed since his post-election season finale last fall.

“Here we go again, again,” Colbert said at the top of the show, explaining that the first day of Trump’s second impeachment hearings, or, as he called it, “déjà coup”It turned out to be “a lot less boring” than he thought it would be. The host was especially moved by the “devastating” video that House’s impeachment managers featured on top of their opening remarks.

After joking about the reality that, at 43, he is the same age as seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, Oliver weighed in on the proceedings for the day, calling it the “perfect echo of the Trump presidency. “Something that is supposed to be nothing gets a lot done.”

“I understand that the first lawyer engaged in some kind of freestyle beat poetry for a while and then the second threatened a civil war, right?” Oliver added.

“I thought I was just trying to run out of time,” Colbert said, comparing Trump’s attorney, Bruce Castor, to a comedian who has to act a full hour.


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