John Mullaney’s weird ‘Late Night’ clip before rehab raised concern

Comic John Mullaney’s fear for warm-heartedness and mental health began when he gave a bizarre appearance on Seth Meyers’ show, wearing dark glasses and calling Prince Harry “dumb ginger” and Meghan Markle “silly”.

In a “Late Night” clip posted to YouTube on 24 November, Mullainy – who has been in rehab for six cocaine and alcohol addiction exclusively – has a fake “Royal Watch: News from the real-life ‘Crown’ and Jokes that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were angry with COVID because it diverted all media attention from its megaxit “stunt”.

Mullainy – Wearing a strong, oversized coat and sunglasses, both gifts from Stokes’ Julian Casablancas, who performed on “Saturday Night Live” held in October – Mullainy said – Harry “was the real dun of this fairytale … You Dum Ginger, Don you don’t like your 94 year old grandmother, so just leave your title.

“The definition of what you wait for is gangsta.” I am quite sure that the father’s time would be to settle the case of the old Bumrah woman who had 30 months, “Mulne said,” Ah, very mean.

After the death of Meyers Princess Diana, Mullane – who eventually takes off her sunglasses to reveal dark, fuzzy eyes – said of Meghan, “You know it’s weird, right, that Meghan and Harry left it?

“You thought it would be fun to roll with those dorks in church clothes?” Have you been told that this is non-stop laughter? Because you are thinking of ‘The Musters’, you are laughing silly.

The 38-year-old continued, “Just from the fact that she wanted to leave the royal family because they’re like ‘be fair and sit still’ … so marry the most live-ass boring people in the family ever.” Don’t and then be like, ‘Oh, shall we ever play shall I never? “

Mullen adds to himself, “I am, in fact, simple and difficult,” before Meyers is forced to explain to him how Google News’s algorithm works.

On john mullainy "late night" In november 2020
John Mulne on “Late Night” in November 2020

At the end of Mullane’s speech, the long-stalled Meyers – who previously asked him to “resume” and inexplicably asks him to pronounce the word “Sheriff” – said, “Love you over here Happening, but future, if you want to do these kinds of things, a phone call might be better … we’ll see what we can use it for, but it can only be online. ”

Mullainy says, “The next ‘Royal Watch’ will be a little more focused … Thanks Seth, and once wrote about me as a student reporter, ‘Thanks for the laugh, albeit virtual.”

A viewer on twitter Said about the clip After Page Six found out that Mullaney had gone to a Pennsylvania rehab for 60 days, “If you saw @sethmeyers then you knew something.”

Another wrote, “Three weeks ago I felt that John Mullaney was seriously * off * with Seth Meyers.”

Till now Another commenter wroteAfter the news of Mulne’s tenure at Rehab, “He seemed very distant in this segment and I was very confused that it was strange to see and see him like this but it makes sense now, unfortunately.”

A source told us that by the time the segment was recorded, Mullane was “out of his mind” on the substances around him and this caused major concerns about his health. Mullainy’s representative declined to comment.

On john mullainy "SNL"
John Mullaney in “SNL” on October 31, 2020
Kyle Dubal / NBC

Meanwhile, Page Six may also specifically reveal that close friends of friends in the comedy world, including “SNL” gurus Lorne Michaels and Pete Davidson, are encouraging them to get help.

An “SNL” source told us, “She has a tight inner circle of friends who have been incredibly supportive [by] Encourage him to get help and [staying] Super tight-lipped.

“For everyone else, it was unclear if he was struggling, but he has been a rock to so many others that everyone knows he should get the help he needs.

“Pete and Lorne have been incredibly supportive,” the source adds, “Mullainy is like Pete’s older brother and they always tour together.”


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