John Daly, who joked about his treatment of coronovirus, withdraws from PGA Championship at risk of risk

John Daly, who once joked about the coronovirus “cure”, withdrew from the first major of the PGA Tour season on Monday, citing concerns about California’s spike of the disease.

Daly tweeted that he was dropping out of the PGA Championship and would miss his first major tournament since 2013. The tournament is to be held at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco.

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“People keep asking why I PG to WD ??? Now # 1 in cases / deaths in California, I had knee surgery, I’m a diabetic and I don’t feel comfortable flying. Very little congestion with my health and It is not worth it because the risk is too close to risk! God bless and y’all safe! ”Tweeted the longtime pro golfer.

There have been more than 522,000 coronovirus cases and 9,500 deaths in California. San Jose Mercury News calls July the worst month for California during the epidemic

Daly played at the Alley Challenge at the Warwick Hills Golf & Country Club in Grand Blanc, Mikki, on Weekend last week. He also finished for the tournament and finished 58th.

He is the 14th golfer to drop out of the PGA Championship citing Coronavirus concerns.

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Daly faced criticism in April when he appeared in a video shared by the Trump Organization, which he claimed was a satirical joke. He stated in the video that the treatment of COVID-19 was a healthy dose of vodka, diet coke and cigarettes.

Daly defended himself in an interview at “It’s a shame that we can no longer have humor in this country or in this world, you know, without anyone knowing about you, “Daly told “I didn’t mean to offend anyone’s feelings. Hell, I was doing it just for the fun of it, just try to bring some laughter in the hard times that we are having.

“We all need (something) fun right now, we all need a sense of humor right now. We pray for those who have fallen and to eradicate this virus. Any harm to me. Not done. ”

In the video under consideration, Daly encouraged fans to “just drink one of these days” as he held a bottle of vodka.

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He said: “You know, Sippy on McDonald’s Diet Coke, Sippy, that’s great. There’s never a hangover. And that’s how you kill this coronovirus, I believe it. But you’re safe, take care. And hopefully, we will get back the things that we do best soon. ”