John Calipari says Cameron Fletcher has turned away from the team

Apparently Cam’Ron is running more with Fletcher than yesterday’s tweet, which made us believe. John Calipari just announced that Fletcher had left the team To go home and “some souls search to get their priorities in order.”

From @UKCoachCalipari:

We have asked Cam Fletcher for some time and away from the team. He needs to reflect and search some soul to get his priorities in order. Any attitude or actions harmful to this team will not be tolerated – and the same goes for everyone on the team.

We have a culture that has been created in the last 11 years and this will not change. Through good times and bad, this culture is meant to change individuals and change their level of maturity. It hurts our team, but it is about Cam and his future.

I talked to Cam and her mother and they know that I care about her and I love her, but they also understand that this needs to be changed. It is his job to decide whether he can perform both within this culture and outside the court.

On Saturday, Fletcher appeared on the bench in the loss minutes in North Carolina, Kentucky. After the game, Kalipari said that he was disappointed with the playing time.

“Then, you’ve got to accept your position on this team,” Calipari said. “Whoever got the minute and Cam was crazy didn’t play much. And I like, the people in front of you are playing. And lance [Ware] Came out of his mind. I thought devin [Askew] Played better so you know. Cam came in and apologized but they don’t understand that with four minutes to go we had a chance to win the game and you face an attitude. This is his immaturity. “

Yesterday, Fletcher apologized to fans for the moment on social media:

“Hope all is well BBN, I want to apologize to BBN, my teammates and coaches. I want to provide clarity on what happened at the end of yesterday’s game. I was disappointed and gave my feelings to me the most. Let me do better. I always feel that I can help the team. I am a team player and it is sad to see my team struggle. So I was disappointed and my emotions were at its peak. Someone for my behavior Not an excuse. I just want to make sure everyone knows that I am fully committed to the event and I am willing to do whatever is asked by my coaches. I will never let that happen And by no means does this mistake reflect who I am. I made a mistake and I take full ownership. Again, I want to apologize to BBN, my teammates and coaches. Stay with us, we get this right Is going. ”

A source told our own Drew Franklin that Fletcher flew from Lexington yesterday and his frustrations can be heard on the phone. Here’s hoping he gets time and space to get into a good frame of mind.


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