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John Boyega was impressed when he saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi for the first time

The force is upon us and John Boyega is here to spill some deets!

The actor Star Wars: The Last Jedi gave E! Exclusive insider news about moments of the next movie and even revealed more personal and hilarious information.

The 25-year-old star said that the first time he saw the next movie he went out in theaters on December 15. He was in an "intimate" environment with the cast and seeing everything together with the visual effects left him pleasantly "surprised".

"There was an element in which, & # 39; It's okay, great, I have to go from Obviously, read the script and be there," he shared with us. "And then there were other elements for me, specifically, just in terms of character, that surprised me."

John's character, Finn, gets into quite a lot of fighting throughout the movie that, according to the actor, charged a price on his body "But, hey, not everything in Hollywood is ostentatious and glamorous."

"The fight scenes are not glamorous. Sometimes you can make your fingers break a little. Sometimes you can hit your head slightly, "he said, explaining," But, you know, it's what it is, we have insurance. "

Glamorous or not, those fight scenes and this role has earned the star many fans and a lot really weird fan merch The strangest thing you've seen in your head is seeing it in fan-made photos?

"Speedos. I've seen some tight speedos, man, "joked John." They sent it to me on Instagram. It was … interesting. "

To discover how John keeps a low profile in public and how his family treats him now that he's a star, look at the video above!

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