John Boyega stepped in as Jo Malone ambassador after deleting ads

John Boyega on December 18, 2019 in London, England

John Boyega attends the European premiere of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” on December 18, 2019 in London, England.
Photo: Tristan Fueings / Getty Images (Getty Images)

John Boyega has already shown us that he will not sacrifice his morality for money, nor do branding nor access to the Hollywood industry.

Well this past weekend, raising tried this Appeared in another attempt to erase Black Talent (which, sounds familiarIn his case). British perfume and fragrant candle brand Jo Malone London caught fire when it released an advertising video as part of its campaign. Advertisement featuring local actor Liu Haran (Detective Chinatown) For the Chinese market, was actually a replica of a previous advertisement starring and starring by Boyega.

Title Went to london, Boyega’s commercial short film depicts a deeply personal and artistic reflection of his life, friends, family and home in Peckham, London. With Boyega removed, this decision Further Anti-black sentiment in China. That part is terrible enough, but to take the whole concept of him, as well ?!

We will let Visual speak for itself.

This is the advertisement of sowing:

This is a replacement ad:

A side-by-side comparison reel scored on Twitter, as well, to drive the point home.

“We apologize for what was a mistake in the local execution of the John Boyega campaign,” said Joe Malone London Confession via Hollywood Reporter. “John is a tremendous artist with great personal vision and direction. The film’s concept was based on John’s personal experiences and should not be repeated. “

Khushboo brand also confirmed that the local version of the advertising campaign was removed.

“When we immediately took action and removed the local version of the campaign, we believe it was painful and that the crime had occurred,” the statement continued. “We honor John, and support our colleagues and fans globally. We are taking this wrong step very seriously and we are working together as a brand to move forward. “

As all of this was happening, some noticed that Boyega had said nothing, but on Monday, he certainly spoke of his piece on Twitter, confirming that he would take over as Joey Malone’s global ambassador Will step He was their first male ambassador.

Boyega wrote on Twitter, “His decision to change my campaign in China by using my concepts and substituting a local brand ambassador for me was wrong,” Boyega wrote on Twitter.

“While many brands understandably use a wide variety of global and local ambassadors, dismissing someone’s culture in a way that I cannot do anything like that,” he continued. He said, “It is back to back, but I assure you it will be dealt with fast.” I don’t have time for bullshit. We press and strengthen. ”

Joe Malone officially responded to Boyega’s announcement on his own Twitter account, “John Boyega is an incredible talent, artist and person and we were proud to be part of our Joe Mellon London family. We honor John’s decision And we wish them all the best. ”

Well, there you have it.


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