Joey Logano expresses why fun is not there when racing after a win in Kansas

Joey Logano sealed a championship berth for himself after winning at the Hollywood Casino 400 on the first day. Leaving just 3 spots with 2 races to go in 8 rounds. Now Ono Phoenix, where Logano has already won this season.

Racing is serious business and Logano, fresh from a win, mentions that he sees racing purely as his job, and it is also something fun for him. However he loves the winner in this and that is something he enjoys most in racing.

I do not enjoy running a racecar. I enjoy winning This is what I enjoy doing. That is at this point. If I want to have fun, I’ll go to a go-kart track and have fun. I don’t see it as a joke. I see it as a job to win. “,” said # 22 ford driver.

Logano also said that it was not fun for Kevin Harvick, but a pleasure to win.

How Joey Logano and others lived in Kansas

After a nearly 40-lap fight with Kevin Harvick, Logano defeated the pit-road in the race’s final precaution to finalize the deal.

On the other hand, Harvick has no reason to lose sleep as his second place still finds him in a dominant position to reach the championship.

Joey is a good blocker, “Harvick said.

In contrast, Chase Elliott, who found himself in a good position after a win in Charlotte, now finds himself out of the playoff spot after finishing sixth.

Alex Bowman and Kurt Busch found themselves in hot water, and Martin Truex Jr. was a forgetful day overall, to say the least.

Following this victory, Joey Logano, now the all-time leader in a playoff victory on the track. The 7th NASCAR has been the winner in the playoff race to win the championship four times in the past.

And, the Penske driver who knows one or two things about winning the championship, the last he won in 2018 in Martinsville, feels that after being out of qualification, can now devote 100% of his time to the race in Phoenix is.

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