Joey Bosa and the Chargers hit an NFL record five-year, $ 135 million expansion

Joey Bosa has come with the Los Angeles Chargers to a five-year, $ 135 million expansion, According to Adam Schefter of ESPN. Bosa’s contract includes a full $ 78 million guarantee upon signing and a $ 102 million guarantee – a new NFL record. The chargers The news was confirmed late Tuesday. The third overall pick in the 2016 draft, Bosa has quickly become one of the top defensive ends in football. The former Ohio State Buckeye, a two-time pro bowler, has recorded 40 sacks in his first 51 matches. Last season, he received his second Pro Bowl selection after a record loss of 11.5 sacks and 18 tackles.

Bossa was held before the start of his rogue season due to a dispute over his signatory bonus and the inclusion of offset language in his contract. Bossa, who was not reported that summer until the end of August, lived up to the hype after settling his fraudulent contract, recording 10.5 sacks in 12 games. Bosa earned his first Pro Bowl selection the following season, setting career highs in sacks (12.5) and career (70). Bosa also returned last season after missing more than half of the 2018 season with an injury. Despite their success, the Chargers finished last season 5–11, including 10 single-digit losses, to the playoffs.

Bosa woke up this morning as the 35th highest-paid defensive end in the NFL in terms of annual salary. HI’s expansion makes Bosa the second highest-paid defensive end in terms of annual salary. Earlier this month, Brons defensive end Miles Garrett signed a five-year, $ 125 million extension that would pay him an average of $ 25 million per season. But while Garrett’s contract paid him $ 2.5 million more than Bosa’s per season, Bosa’s contract includes $ 28 million more guaranteed money upon signing, and $ 2 million more guaranteed money overall. Either way, both players have reset the market as far as the defensive end is concerned.

Recent extensions of Bossa and Garrett may affect the future market value of Yannick Ngakou. Ngakoue, who was allegedly seeking to trade out of Jacksonville, was franchise-tagged by Jaguar prior to this offseason. He would earn $ 17.788 million under the franchise tag, making him the sixth-highest-paid defensive end at the top of the NFL in the 2020 season.

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20%“target =” _ blank “> sent an animated tweet to the young brother TJ Watt soon after news of Bosa’s expansion went viral. JJ Watt, the 10th-highest paid defensive end of the NFL (in terms of annual salary), has two years left on his current contract. His brother, an All-Pro outside linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is entering the final season of his rookie contract.

The Chargers, based on a number of roster moves that were previously this offseason, were able to make enough room to make Bosa’s expansion. He decided to participate in this past offshin along with longtime starter Phillip River. The Chargers also sent back former Pro Bowl forward Melvin Gordon and veteran linebacker Thomas Davis. United, Rivers, Gordon and Davis are spending $ 35,750,000 on their new teams for the upcoming season.

In the midst of their disappointing 2019 season, the Chargers learned a few things that helped shape their official personnel decisions. While Rivers’ 20 interceptions helped influence his decision to go in another direction, the emergence of Austin Eckler convinced the Chargers that he no longer needed Gordon, who signed a two-year deal with the Broncos Had gone. In contrast, the Chargers included Eckler in a multiyear contract that did not cripple Los Angeles’ salary cap, while also giving Eckler his desired guaranteed money.

With the sixth overall pick, after selecting the River’s final successor, quarterback Justin Herbert, Los Angeles decided to hold the second and third round picks to select linebacker Kenneth Murray, a player.

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