Joe Judge: Giants have voted team captains for 2020

New York Giants head coach Joe Judge said Monday that the players had voted the captains for 2020 on Monday morning. Once the captains of the team will be announced, they will notify the players.

The judge said he wanted a captain “to be the voice of the team who could communicate to everyone in the locker room.”

Here are more takeaways from the judge’s brief Monday afternoon pre-practice video conference.

How many snap players can handle with no president and a small training camp …

“We’re hoping the players have the full length to play,” Judge said. “We will chant people as far as possible, but we are going to make sure that we have the best people at all times to execute the plan in this area.”

It is a matter of ready or not, here comes the season.

The judge acknowledged that this would be a “challenge” as the Presidential Ban teams faced.

“Someone has to go there. If we can provoke someone to play here or there, then we can rotate it through the great,… as if everyone is now preparing to play their picture. “

Bad September on Football …

Even in a normal year, September NFL football can be ripped off. Would it be worse to deal with COSSID-19 with no presidency game and other restrictions?

“I think when you watch NFL football in September, regardless of the year, you see a degree of bad football on the field. Judges, penalties, some mental errors, you see some things within the flow and the game. “The way the operation of it looks later in the season is not the same. He said,” This is just the reality of the National Football League every year.

“I think in September you always see the part of bad football.”


  • The judge stated that the divers claimed by the three players are still quarantined and undergoing COVID-19 protocol. He said that offensive tackle Jackson Barton, wide receiver Damian Ratley and defenseman Adrian Colbert should all be available to practice on Wednesday.
  • The judge said he is still not ready to say whether Nick Gates or Spencer Pulley will be the starting center from Monday against Pitt Gatesburg. “We’re going to go through another day and we’re going to talk to the players before we go ahead and decide anything internally,” the judge said.

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