Joe Girdhari shows that he is not afraid to take unpopular decisions with older boys

There were a lot of reasons that Phillis became tough after Zol Giridi became manager.

The track record was. He had experience and had previously won.

He had that whole mix-up thing going on, you know what the old-school, new-school mix called the balance trend.

And, he was going to be the boss.

He was going to love the players and have fun with them, but when a drastic decision needed to be made, he was going to do what he believed was right in that moment.

Before this season, Girdhari would not be talked about giving Brazer Harper a day off when he thought of Harper – who hates days – who needed it.

Girardi made a decision that was not popular with any other high-profile player in the 9-8 win over the New York Mets on Monday. The decision almost cost the game to the Phillies, but at the moment no talk was made to Girdhari.

Girdhari said after the game, “I’ve told them all that some things are going to happen, which I don’t like you.” “I mean, that’s the bottom line.”

Zack Wheeler did not like coming out of Monday’s game after six innings and a season-low 83 pitches.

But the matter was not up for debate.

Girardi was on his way to the Mets to hit Wheeler hard (four doubles, one of which was an outfield missplay) which was a 6–0 Films lead in the fifth inning.

The manager saw Wheeler hit two batters in the sixth, then looked at his lineup card and saw several similar hitters tagging Wheeler in the fifth, being in the seventh.

Girdhari decided that Wheeler was done for the day. Rookie leftie Jojo Romero will start the seventh.

Girdhari gave news to Wheeler in the dugout.

Wheeler said, “I’ll be honest with you, I was a little surprised but this is his call.” “He just came down and told me that I was working. I asked why, he gave me his explanation and that was the end of it. I wanted to go back out, but you want to honor him. He’s been around for a long time. Is. Time and that’s the way. ”

Girdhari probably ran away with one. Romero and David Phelps allowed four runs in the seventh and capitalized on Wheeler’s lead, but cheaters Alec Bohm (RBI single game in the eighth) and veteran Jean Segura (two-run homer in the 10th) saved all. Bacon and the Phils helped pull off a two-game losing streak and set an 11–3 record in the final 14.

After the game, Girdhari explained his decision to pull Wheeler after six.

“He was fighting hard in the fifth,” said Girdhari. “In the sixth, he got into trouble again, he killed some people. I thought he would lose his speed and where we were in order, there were people who were like that.” To stay in it. It was a decision that we made. We liked Jojo in that area. Not that I didn’t – I always loved wheels, always – but I just felt that it wasn’t at all and we made a change. You see what happened

“He was respectful. I like that he wants to stay in. That’s the best thing for me.”

It was difficult to say that Girdhari regretted the decision to drop Wheeler on 83 pitches. There was no way he would ever accept him if he did. It will be a swipe at Romero and Phelps and managers will not do so. And, moreover, winning all and second guessing gets away quickly.

This is a day for a big league manager.

Or should we say boss?

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