Joe Biden’s security disbanded while aboard a campaign plane

Johnstown, Pa – This afternoon an unknown photographer breached Joe Biden’s Secret Service perimeter as the candidates boarded their charter plane in Pennsylvania.

The Democratic presidential nominee and his wife, Jill, were climbing the plane ladder from their motorcycles at Johnstown-Cumbria County Airport when a man with a camera tucked behind the plane and down his left, into the small airport Tarmac But made his way The duo boarded to join a group of credential press corps traveling with Biden.

Soon after the aircraft arrived in the area under the wing, the man was interrupted by a Secret Service agent and physically removed. The man hoisted an orange pass around his neck, proclaimed himself to be the photographer, and initially tried to pull him over, opposing the agent.

CBS News was part of Biden’s limited travel press corps and saw the change under the plane.

Airport general manager Chad Gontkovic told CBS News that the man either jumped the green, six-foot fence near the small terminal where a few dozen people gathered or barged into the tents. The unidentified man drove Biden’s plane about 75 yards away, surrounded on all sides by secret service agents, motorcycles of more than eight cars, and other local law enforcement.

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Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden and Drs. Jill Biden board her plane after boarding Flight 93 National Memorial in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

“A member of the media was credited with an incident earlier in the day for attempting to reach the airport’s Tarmac for the departure of presidential candidate Biden,” a Secret Service spokesman said in a statement. “The person confronted law enforcement, disobeyed their instructions, and accessed the tarmac. US Secret Service personnel caught the man and drove him out of the area.”